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HD Streamz: Live TV and Radio Streaming [Full Guide]

All you need to know about this Live TV & Radio app.

Streaming over the internet is the best way to cut out cable networks. Streaming services are a supplement to the programs that aired first on cable. Most of the people prefer to watch live TV and on-demand contents on streaming services. The success of these streaming media depends on its library. Most of the streaming series are user friendly and very easy to access. HD Streamz is one among them, which offers live TV streaming and Radio channels. Let us see know more about HD Streamz in this article.

Table of Contents

  • What is HD Streamz?
  • Features of HD Streamz
  • Is HD Streamz Legal?
  • HD Streamz Available Countries
  • How to Stream HD Streamz?
  • HD Streamz alternatives
  • Is HD Streamz is worthier?

What is HD Streamz?

HD Streamz-Live TV and Radio Streaming

HD Streamz is an online media streaming service available only on Android. It is one of the popular streaming platforms which streams more than 1000 live TV and Radio channels from various countries across the world. It provides all its services for free, and never ask for a subscription to access. It is a user-friendly app which makes it easy to stream.

Features of HD Streamz

  1. Unlimited free streaming of live channels over the internet
  2. Availability of Radio channels around the world is the unique feature of this app
  3. It is provided with in-built media player, and the user no need to search for an external player for streaming
  4. All the contents are available in high definition quality
  5. It offers more than 600 TV channels from around the world
  6. It provides a very clean and easy user interface to use

Is HD Streamz Legal?

HD Streamz is a legal and virus free service available in many countries. It offers many features like other streaming apps, in addition to that it offers live Radio channels to listen. While using HD Streamz it asks the user to provide some personal information like Name, Email ID and many more. It keeps all the data safe, secure and complies with a legal obligation. It has responsive user support when the user faces any problem while accessing this app.

HD Streamz Available Countries

HD Streamz Available Countries

HD Streamz streams more than 1000 live TV and Radio channels in 19 countries. All the channels are listed under various genre like Movies, Music, Kids, News, Sports, Comedy and many more. The countries are India, USA, UK, Germany, Bangladesh, Nepal, Netherland, Pakistan, Serbia, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Myanmar, Qatar, Romania, and UAE.

How to Stream HD Streamz?

HD Streamz is a free streaming service for android. It is an official app not found on the Google Play Store. It can be installed from the other sources. To install apps from another source the user needs to turn on Unknown source from settings.

Step 1: Go to settings and select security option.

Step 2: Turn on Unknown Sources option.

Step 3: On any browser, search for and download the app.

Step 4: When the download is complete, go to the downloaded path.

Step 5: Click on the app file, and the installation screen will open on the next screen.

Step 6: Click Next button and then click on the Install button.

HD Streamz-Live TV and Radio Streaming

Step 7: Once the installation is finished, click Open to launch the app.

HD Streamz-Live TV and Radio Streaming

HD Streamz alternatives

Below are the alternatives to the HD Streamz app.

Nero Streaming Player

HD Streamz alternatives

It is a free streaming application available on Android which allows you to stream videos, music and even allows to play photos on your desired device.

Hubi Streaming & Download

HD Streamz alternatives

It is the best app on android to stream and download your favourite contents. It is one of the free streaming apps available.



Mobdro is a free streaming service that provides TV channels, movies, sports and documentaries over the internet. It permits the user to stream, share and download the videos.



It is a free app which offers movies and TV shows for streaming. All its contents are available in high definition quality. It allows the user to watch and download your favourite media contents. It contains a huge library which is updated regularly with new movies and recently aired TV shows.

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