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What is My Phone Number? [iPhone & Android]

You can now find your phone number without looking at your phone bill, sending text or calling your carrier. Find it how from here.

Not all of us remember the phone number we are using. It is especially true when you use multiple phone numbers. At times, someone would ask you for it or when you are in a state of sharing your contact details, you would be embarrassed. It is when you will regret not remembering your phone number. Fortunately, you will be able to find the phone number you have right on the device you have. Don’t know how? Need not worry as the article deals entirely about finding what’s your phone number in brief. No matter, if you have Android, iOS or any other phone, you will know your phone number at the end of this post.

How to Find Your Phone Number?

The section below covers the possible ways in which you can find your phone number on different mobile OS.

On Android,

There are multiple ways in which you can find your phone number on Android.

(1) Open Android Settings from the app drawer or open the app directly.

(2) Scroll down and click the About Phone/About Device option.

Click on About Device
Click on About Device

(3) Tap the Status option and your phone number will be shown under My phone number. Else proceed to the next step.

Choose Status option
Choose Status option

(4) Click the SIM Status option and the number will be available under My phone number.

Select My Phone Number
Select My Phone Number

Note: Sometimes, you will find it under SIM Card Status or Voice MSISDN Line 1.

Also Try!

  • Open Contacts app > select Me/My Info contact icon available at the top of the contact list to see your phone number.

Note: Use this and check your phone number on Nexus, Pixel, and Lenovo smartphones.

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On iOS,

Whether you have an iPhone or iPad, the guidelines given below will let you find your phone number easily.

(1) Go to Settings on your iOS device.

(2) Scroll down and launch Phone app.

(3) Click My Number option to view your phone number.

View Phone Number on iPhone
View Phone Number from Phone

How to Find Your Phone Number on Other Phones?

If you want to find your number other than Android or iOS device, then get into the section below.

Go to Settings > About > Category > SIM Card > to see your phone number.

Note: This works on old BlackBerry devices.

Otherwise, go to Settings > Device > Status or Phone info option to see your phone number.

This method works mostly all smartphones.

End Note

It is that easy and simple to find your phone number on different handhelds. All it takes is less than a minute of your time and two or more taps. Let us know in the comments if this article is useful to you to know your phone number.

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