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What is NEMT Software? All You Need to Know

Non-emergency transportation is a part of an extensive insurance program that covers patients’ needs for transportation. Various layers of the population are eligible for receiving such services from the state within the framework of Medicaid and Medicare. These groups include the disabled, the aged, and even children. The population of people the age 60 + almost reaches 20 million and these are all potential clients of a NEMT service. In the case of taxis, we look at the service that provides upgraded comfort and is not mandatory. When it comes to NEMT, there is a constant need. Hence, the growing number of companies that provide transportation services. NEMT is not a usual type of business. It requires more than a fleet. It requires a suitable and diverse fleet.

Main Drives of NEMT Business

As the latest research shows, the number and variety of chronic diseases are growing. They include arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and others. They create a huge demand for transportation companies of a certain quality level. The standards are high since patients’ conditions require specially equipped transport that can cross various types of surfaces. The location of the patient can be quite desolate and hard to reach. Such factors influence the profitability of private transportation companies.

What is NEMT Software

How can NEMT company balance profit & service quality?

Optimizing NEMT functioning is possible with software. It is called for improving all the daily processes of the company and making them more profitable. What are the processes and how can they be enhanced?

  • Scheduling with the NEMT software is much quicker and more correct. Software like ISI TECHNOLOGY eliminates the chances of human error. How so? The software works on the parameters selected by the company. It takes into account things like order type, vehicle needed distance, and price. As a result, the schedule is completed in the most comfortable for the client and the driver manner. Some clients have their scheduled weekly, and monthly appointments and they do not want to make a request every time they need to go. The program will schedule every new trip taking the regular ones into account.
  • Routing is crucial. It matters because this process is costly. If the route is too long, the ride might not even be worth it. Proper routing balances the income and expenses of the company. The smaller company is the harder it is hit by the routing mistake.
  • Billing and reporting are required by the state. It is not only the process that helps you count the income, it helps with submitting tax papers. Having all the paperwork stored in the Cloud means that you have access to it anytime. It also helps your customer support service since the operators have access to the bills and receipts of each trip and do not need to contact the finance department for something small like that.

There is always room for improvement but when it comes to NEMT management, the key to success is to implement the right technology timely. Keeping up with the times means automatization of every operation of the company.

What difficulties does a typical NEMT company encounter?

The average company comes across numerous obstacles. Firstly, it needs to assess the client base and select a proper fleet. Too many vehicles are not good, it means some are extra and they eat into your pocket with the servicing. Any type of transport requires constant checkups. Besides, the case when you have a car per client won’t work. NEMT software customers have very different needs. Some need to be transported in a sitting position and some need stretches. Hence, certain vehicles with mounted special equipment are required. Taking that into account is vital.

So what?

Implementation of the software proves to bring reductions in expenses that amount to about 20%. It promotes transparency and puts less pressure on employees of the company. Having your operations run smoothly without the need to monitor everything expecting a mistake, leaves more room and time for creating new strategies to boost your business. With the right programs, you can think of extending your business to new areas or new types of clients.

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