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WhatsApp Text Tricks – How to Bold, Italics, Underline & Strikethrough

Make your WhatsApp chat even more interesting by formatting the text with few tricks.

WhatsApp is becoming a formal way of communication after Email. Often we need to send and receive messages both personally and professionally. While sending long passages or when we want to highlight important words, we use formatting options like Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, or Underline. These options are easily accessible on a document or Email. But do you know how to format messages on WhatsApp? Can we format texts on WhatsApp? Yes, all these formatting options are also available on WhatsApp, making our texts interesting. Just follow the guide to know all the WhatsApp Text Tricks.

WhatsApp Text Tricks

Formatting texts in WhatsApp is so simple, and you can do it while chatting itself. There are two ways to format text messages on WhatsApp.

  • Use built-in options
  • Use symbols

Format Text on WhatsApp with Built-in Options

WhatsApp messenger provides built-in option to format the text with options like bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace.

On Android

  • Select the word or sentence that you want.
  • Tap the three-dotted more icon.
  • Choose the required formatting option.
WhatsApp Text Tricks to Format the text

On iPhone

  • Select the text or sentence that you want to format.
  • From the pop-up options, choose BIU.
  • Choose the required formatting option.
WhatsApp Text Tricks to Format Text in iOS

Format Text on WhatsApp with Symbols

By adding symbols like an asterisk (*), underscore(_), tilde (~), and backtick(~), you can format the text with ease.

Note – You can also use the below-mentioned options on the WhatsApp Web version too.

How to Bold Text on WhatsApp

To bold a message or a particular word, place an asterisk (*) symbol before and after the text. It will make that particular text or sentence bolder.

WhatsApp Text Tricks to Make text Bold

How to Italics on WhatsApp

To italicize a text, place an underscore (_) before and after a sentence or word.

Make Text Italic

How to Strike Out Text in WhatsApp

Strikethrough is a line passing through a word or sentence. To strikethrough your text, place tilde (~) on both sides of the word or sentence.

WhatsApp Tricks to make text with Strikethrough


Monospace is a text format that makes a particular word or sentences unique from other words or sentences. For that, you need to place three backticks (“`) in front and back of the particular text.

WhatsApp Text Tricks Monospace

Bold + Italics

To format a text with both bold and italics, you need to place an asterisk (*) symbol followed by an underscore (_) at the beginning of the text, and then an underscore followed by an asterisk at the end of the text.

Format text with Bold and Italics

Italics + Strikethrough

To format a text with the combination of italics and strikethrough, you need to place an underscore symbol (_) followed by a tilde (~) at the beginning. Then enter a tilde followed by the underscore at the end of the text.

Italics and Strikethrough

Bold + Strikethrough

To make the text both bold and strikethrough, you need to place an asterisk (*) symbol followed by a tilde (~) at the beginning, and then a tilde followed by the asterisk at the end of the text.

Format Text with Bold + Strikethrough

Bold + Italics + Strikethrough

To get a text or sentence with bold, italics, and also strikethrough, you need to enter an asterisk symbol (*) followed by an underscore (_) and a tilde (~) at the beginning. At the end of the text, place those symbols again, but in reverse order.

Format Text with  Bold + Italics + Strikethrough

How to Underline Text/Word/Sentence on Whatsapp

There is no built-in option or symbols to underline texts on WhatsApp. You have to use a third-party app to underline your texts.

1) Download and install BlueWords app on your Android phone.

Get BlueWords from Play Store

Note – BlueWords app is only available for Android devices.

2) Open the BlueWords app and select the Underline option.

WhatsApp Text Tricks - Underline option on BlueWords

3) Enter the text which you want to send and tap the Share button.

WhatsApp Text Tricks  - Share Underlined Text

4) Choose WhatsApp. Select the contact to which you want to share.

Select WhatsApp to share underlined text

5) Tap the Send button, and the underlined text will be shared with the recipient immediately.

WhatsApp Text Tricks - Underlined Text


These are various WhatsApp tips and tricks that you need to format a text on WhatsApp. As of now, these are the only options available for formatting texts. The built-in options to underline the text and changing the font style might be launched in the feature.

If you know any other trick to format a text or sentence on WhatsApp, mention them in the comments section. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for instant updates.

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