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How to Fix Xbox One Black Screen of Death

Getting Black Screen of Death on your Xbox One Console? Here are the simple solutions to fix it.

One of the common issues in the Xbox One console is the Black Screen of Death. It is a software glitch, and most of the users may have experienced this issue. When you get the Black Screen of Death, you can’t access certain functions of the console. Luckily, we have listed some of the simple solutions to wipe out the issue from your Xbox console.

The Black Screen of Death occurs in many situations:

  • When you get back to the home screen.
  • While watching a Blu-ray Disc.
  • When you turn on the console.
  • When you use the AVR Setup.
  • After an update is finished.

Common Ways to Fix Xbox One Black Screen of Death

  • Hard Reset
  • Switch Tabs
  • Offline Mode
  • Using Controller
  • Factory Reset

Hard Reset

Hard Reset is one of the easiest ways to fix basic errors on the Xbox One Console. Long press the power button for about 10 seconds while the console is powered on. It will turn off the console. Leave the console for a while, and then turn it on again.

Xbox One Black ScreenXbox One Black Screen

Restart is a simple fix for the Black Screen of Death on Xbox One. Hard reset will remove all the temporary cache files and unwanted files stored on your console.

Switch Tabs

Most of the time, the Black Screen of Death will happen on the home screen or your console’s dashboard. In that case, you can eliminate the error by switching tabs.

Xbox One Black Screen

Press the Home button and switch to another tab by using the controller’s left or right buttons. Then, return to the home screen or dashboard. It will refresh your home screen or dashboard.

Offline Mode

Sometimes, you will have the Black Screen of Death in an Xbox Live. If that is the case, disconnect the internet connection from your console and restart your console. Then, reconnect the Xbox Live.

Restart Xbox Live

You can also restart the console without disconnecting the internet. It may also eliminate the issue.

Using the Controller

It is another simplest way to fix the Black Screen of Death. Turn on your console and wait until the startup screen appears. Now press the following sequence on your controller: right trigger, left trigger, and Y.

Xbox One Controller

It will refresh your dashboard and the home screen.

Factory Reset

If the above methods haven’t fixed the issue, try resetting your Xbox One Console to its factory settings. There are three ways to reset the Xbox console. By doing the factory reset, you can completely eliminate the Black Screen of Death on your Xbox One console.

Factory Reset

Specific Fixes

All the above mentioned fixes are the common ways to eliminate the Xbox One Black Screen of Death.

If you get the Black Screen of Death when playing the Blu-ray Disc, follow the below steps.

(1) Go to Profile & System –> Settings –> General –> TV & Display options –> Video modes.

(2) Turn off the Allow 24HZ setting.

If you get the black screen while using AVR,

(1) Turn on your devices in the following order: TV, AVR, and then your console.

(2) Choose the correct sources for your AVR (HDMI1 OR HDMI2).

(3) Then, restart the AVR.

(4) On your console, go to TV & Display options –> Video fidelity & overscan and choose the HDMI option.

When you get the black screen after the new update, there may be issues in the update process. Try updating the console differently. For better understanding, check our dedicated guide update Xbox One console

If none of the fixes are working, you need to request for the repair from Microsoft.

Final Words

These are the solutions that you can try to eliminate the Black Screen of Death on your Xbox One console. Try all the solutions before getting into the service center or repair request. If you have any specific issues in your Xbox console, tell us in the comments section. We will help you to fix it.

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