Editorial Guidelines

Techowns.com’s content creators and publishers are responsible for producing high-quality content with absolute honesty and transparency. Our content is not influenced by our ad providers. We are committed to providing impartial editorial content.

To make sure our contents are impartial, all the articles are cross verified by senior editors before publication. And also maintain a strict separation between advertising articles and editorial content by using a label called sponsored label at the top of the page.

Our mission is to make tech understandable for the everyday user, so we are dedicated to publishing unbiased, comprehensive reviews of products and services. So in-depth research and testing are done before all product and service reviews.

Readers may also find some affiliate links with the article from which we may earn commissions. But we only recommended products we have tested, and also we never receive any compensation or consideration for the content of our recommendations.

Techowns.com’s writer will never involve in any kind of special treatment to any third-party resource based on their relationship with the company or person.

Sometimes techowns.com receives complimentary products or services for review purposes. We are transparent in that and have a strict policy to disclose when any valuable products or services are provided.

We strive to provide the best and most unbiased content to our readers.

For queries regarding our editorial guidelines, contact us.

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