Automate Lead Generation Like a Pro: Unleashing the Winning Tools and Practices

The chain “came, saw, and bought” in Internet marketing does not work as effectively as it did 10 years ago. From all sides, we are attacked by offers to buy something, and gradually advertising “on the forehead” is losing its relevance. Competition is rising, as is the cost of customer acquisition.

Therefore, marketers are looking for new lead generation tools that inspire a person to buy through a more personal approach, the development of relationships, and trust. The use of various lead generation tools automates the process of attracting customers.

A lead in Internet marketing is a user’s interest in goods or services. And not just interest, but contacts of a particular person – e-mail, phone number. The task of lead generation is not only to get a new lead but also to promote sales already received through the funnel, converting them into a purchase.

Sales Automation Tools:

Message Funnel

Potential customers can search for your products/services on the Internet or after they are interested in advertising. Advertising campaigns aim to attract the maximum number of consumers within the budget. You have to spend more money to increase the reach and the number of orders. This scheme is only sometimes justified. You can reduce your ad spend with a message funnel.

How does it work? In the first stage, it is necessary to acquaint the target audience with the product, its uniqueness, and its features and create value. For this, outreach campaigns are used.

The next step is to offer something free in exchange for a lead. It can be a video of an introductory lesson, a discount coupon – in general, something useful for the user. And after receiving the contact, a personal message chain is launched.

The lead generation funnel through messages allows you to increase the number of conversions at times.

With the help of GetSales company, this tool can be automated as much as possible. Get Sales is a multi-channel outbound platform that collects data such as mobile phone numbers and email to provide a multi-channel approach to your sales. And automatically sends messages to potential customers and comments on posts.

Lead Magnets

The name speaks for itself. A lead magnet attracts a lead. This is very attractive: a free bonus, useful information that is given in exchange for a phone number or e-mail of a potential client. It helps to increase conversion, increases loyalty to the product and brand.

A lead magnet can be a consultation with a specialist, a free lesson, or a test drive of a service. This is a powerful lead-generation tool. The main thing is to be able to use it. The secret to a successful lead magnet is hidden in your target audience; all you have to do is figure out what they want and deliver it.

To understand what your target audience wants, you need to collect information about potential customers. The Getsales platform allows you to automate the data collection process. Getsales collects contact details, tracks lead activity and segments and builds customer lists.

Lead Ads

Lead Ads is a handy lead generation tool. It allows you to collect applications and contacts directly in social networks or on a search without going to a group or the advertiser’s website. After clicking on an advertisement on social networks, a person immediately gets into a ready-made form with filled-in personal data, which is pulled from the profile. The search opens a contact form to fill out. This will get you more leads. Lead Ads empowers promotional posts and ads.

It is necessary to process each new lead as early as possible – within an hour. It is better to integrate a CRM system so that the lead is immediately uploaded in a form convenient for further work. Getsales offers a built-in CRM system that displays the status of potential customers, analyzes the degree of customer engagement, and sends notifications.

People who opened but did not submit the form can be returned to show ads with a better offer. It is also necessary to regularly analyze the effectiveness and optimize the advertising campaign by changing rates, questions, and images.


Some brands for lead generation traffic create free services. It can be a useful tool: a website builder, a job search service, an apartment, or air tickets. Registrations on them allow the business to receive a large number of leads to further promote paid services.

For example, in the case of a website builder, to start using it, you need to register by entering your contact information.

Using this service in the future will help to get a lead and push a person to switch to paid services – buying a subscription to a management accounting service.

These tools are gaining popularity. Although they require financial and time costs, these costs justify themselves. Creating a simple service takes 2-3 months but can bring thousands of leads.

E-mail Newsletters

You can also grow your business with E-mail newsletters. They work effectively to attract and retain an audience.

Now e-mail automation tools are proving their effectiveness. Well-built email chains help improve the sales process.

The newsletter should be as personalized as possible. You can find out the portrait of a potential client using lead magnets, services, and quizzes. There are services with ready-made mailing templates. Such as getsales. This service automatically sends messages to potential customers, conducts response analytics, builds reports, and conducts A / B tests.

Thus, using various lead generation tools helps increase the customer base, not idle the sales department and increase its results.

AI-based customer interaction platforms help automate lead-generation tools.

For example, GetSales company, which was described earlier. The capabilities of this platform allow you to fully automate the process of generating potential customers.

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