How to Master the Digital Narrative: Top 5 Tips for Crafting an Essay on Modern Technologies

Most classic rules still apply when you need to craft a digital narrative since you have to inspire and persuade. No matter what digital platform you decide to use, originality should always come first, along with the standards and structure of your writing. The only difference to consider is your essay writing process, which may include faster editing or little tricks that take things to another level. Narrowing things down to modern technologies, we can outline the following essay tips.

Top 5 Tips for Crafting an Essay on Modern Technologies

1. Consider Professional Online Assistance

If one aspect has become possible because of digital platforms, it is the possibility of approaching an expert who can guide you through everything. If it is a creative blog post or a school task, you can consider writing services online for various tasks related to writing and editing. Talking to a trained specialist directly, even late at night, helps you remain creative when your college professor is not online or in the college office.

2. Boosting Your Accessibility

Readability is always an issue, even when dealing with the digital narrative. If you want to master the art of essay writing like professional journalists, you should explore a free app called Hemmingway. It provides statistical data and tips to improve the clarity and sentence structure of your ideas.

3. Implementation of ChatGPT

This one is quite tricky because it will depend on what you plan to do. These are two matters if you are thinking about creating a conclusion or developing a thesis statement idea. Remember that ChatGPT can help you summarize things or receive answers about the characters list or symbolism in some books. Copying the answers “as is” or completing an entire school essay should not be done!

4. Online Dictionaries

If you want to boost your vocabulary, think about the free Pocket Oxford Dictionary app that can help you find the right words and provide explanations. When you type a certain word or an expression, you can find various examples where a certain word can be used in a sentence. It will help you when you are using certain keywords for digital purposes, SEO work, or to improve your paraphrasing skills.

5. The Use of Helpful Templates

When you need to create an essay presentation and master the digital narrative differently, you should consider using the Quizlet app that provides you with thousands of free templates. You simply have to enter a keyword and see what other students and professionals could come up with. It will help you become a better writer who can use multimedia and creative elements.

The Risks of Using Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to modern technologies, many students believe that using tools like ChatGPT to do the job instead of them will work well. While you can receive a summary or create an outline with an AI-based solution, modern technologies will not do the analytical and strategic thinking part for you. It is what you must do on your own because a machine cannot replace your author’s voice. If you believe that it can, you are risking getting caught by your college professor as the use of AI writing can be spotted with the relevant software. Just think twice before using artificial intelligence for your essay writing!

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