How to Learn Everything About a Plant With Your Smartphone?

Nature and plant lovers always have time and opportunity to learn more about their garden or potted plant. But what if you don’t know what kind of plant it is? Or maybe your indoor plants are losing leaves and looking unhealthy for a reason you don’t understand? In the past, people had to study, write down and memorize the appearance of plants, describing leaf shape, colours, and variations in appearance. They also had to enter information about possible flower diseases and treatments. Today, plants from different regions and countries may be in our homes or gardens, but the question remains the same: How can we quickly and accurately identify the species of plant, the care it needs and the correct treatments?

Nowadays, everyone has smartphones with cameras; also, artificial intelligence is very actively developing, capable of recognizing an object in a picture. Therefore, thanks to progress, there are now apps that can easily tell you what kind of plant is in front of you, whether it is poisonous or useful, as well as whether it has signs of disease and how to treat it.

Plant identification app have a huge number of features and can be very useful in identifying, nurturing and caring for your garden. For example, with a simple photo of a plant, you can find out what kind of plant it is and how to properly care for it. Also, if your plant is not growing, the app can help answer the question of how to make the environment better for the plant to grow. Additionally, such apps help find the causes of plant disease and keep plants healthy. 

How Do Plant Identification Apps Work?

Most plant identification mobile apps use high-tech image recognition software that relies on algorithms and artificial intelligence. 

So in order for you to know which flower is in front of you, you need to take a picture of it and upload it to the app. To accurately identify plants by the colour, shape, and texture of their flowers or leaves, it is advisable to take a photo in good quality and with good lighting. 

Some apps may ask you to supplement the photo with information in the form of answers to questions, visual data and clues, such as whether the plant is a tree, shrub or flower, what shape the leaves are, and so on. Such clarifications help you be more likely to identify the plant of interest.

To put it briefly, plant species identification apps are very convenient and multifunctional. They will be useful for everyone who at least once wondered what kind of flower is in front of him. Such apps work with the help of artificial intelligence and a knowledge base of plants worldwide. This will help you unmistakably determine not only the type of plant but also pick up care for it and even cure it. Such applications are widespread, and you can try them out today by simply installing it on your smartphone.

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