Targeted Advertising on TikTok: How To Set Up and Launch

TikTok is breaking all popularity records and is in first place regarding downloads in 2023. The app had over 1 billion monthly users in the last quarter of 2023. Based on such data, any marketer immediately thinks about promoting goods or services through this channel. Therefore, today, we’ll talk about how to set up targeted advertising on TikTok. And let’s figure out what else you can do in this application to grow the popularity of your brand. You can find more information here

TikTok: where does it get so popular?

The main reason for TikTok’s popularity is its algorithms. The user opens the application, and immediately, a video appears on the screen of his mobile device. Next, the viewer has only 3 possible steps:

  1. Scroll down. Then, the next video will start playing.
  2. Watch the current video. Of course, if it is interesting to the user.
  3. Close the application. But only 8% of users do this. The remaining 92%, after opening the application, continue to scroll through the feed with funny videos. 

“Is that all?” – you ask. Well, yes, this is such a simple system. Which, by the way, turned out to be very popular. And for a reason. For videos to appear in the feed, the user does not even need to know how to register in the application. Content is displayed automatically even to non-logged-in visitors. Target on TikTok is popular precisely because of this relaxed social network policy. A person relaxes and simply enjoys the content. And at this time, a business can unobtrusively talk about its product.

When a user sees an advertisement in a relaxed state, he is more loyal to it. But only on condition that the ad is formulated in an unobtrusive form and fits seamlessly into the rest of the content he was watching. Imagine a TikTok visitor spending 5 minutes scrolling through cute videos with cats, one after another. He has a cheerful and calm mood. After such content, he may be shocked that a huge bearded man will be displayed on the smartphone screen shouting: “Sports betting!!” And if he sees less intrusive advertising, for example, with dancing or animals, he may remain loyal to the brand. Therefore, it is important to reach the target audience and select the appropriate advertising message for each. 

The algorithms for generating TikTok feeds are very clear. That’s why targeting in this social network has high accuracy. It is this characteristic feature of this application that made it popular. A person scrolling through a video is completely freed from the need to filter data. They already come to him in a measured stream.

The modern user is tired of making decisions. Search for the necessary information, subscribe to opinion leaders, and leave comments. All these actions can also be performed on TikTok. But the feed will still be available even if you don’t do this. Thus, to be on this social network, you only need to download the application. And then open it when you want to take a break from everyday tasks.

The algorithm will analyze which videos you watched to the end and which ones you skipped. It will also record your geolocation and suggest popular videos in your region. As you work with the application, the artificial intelligence system learns and remembers what content you like. In the future, the system will offer you more and more relevant videos.

TikTok Ad Formats

An advertiser on TikTok can go in three ways:

Contact a popular blogger directly and order advertising from him. Most major influencers place their contact information for advertising issues on their profile. Invite the blogger to talk about your clothing brand using his personal opinion. For example, let him admire his new hoodie. It is important to match the opinion leader’s audience and not advertise cosmetics to a car blogger. 

Make a big challenge with the help of the TikTok advertising team. This option suits large companies with an advertising budget of more than 1 million rubles. In this case, marketers will come up with everything for you: the plot, the script, and the idea for the video.

Start targeting with your video.

Today, we will talk in more detail about the last point – about targeting.

Which videos are suitable for targeting on TikTok?

Captivating! That’s it in short. In more detail, your video should contain:

  • music;
  • plot;
  • of people;
  • actions.

That’s all. From this composition, assemble a fascinating story guided by the goals of promoting your business. But pay attention to the restrictions. The following topics are not allowed for advertising:

  • microloans, financial fraud;
  • prohibited substances;
  • gambling;
  • escort services;
  • fraudulent schemes.

The video should not contain scenes of violence or other shocking content. In addition, the user must not lie or make dubious promises. For example, promise to lose 10 kg in a week or earn a million dollars in 3 hours.

Some areas of activity operate with restrictions. For example, dietary supplements, medicine, and baby food. The full set of rules can be found on the official TikTok website.

How to set up a target

Before you launch a target on TikTok, you need to understand its types. The following targeting options are available on the platform:

Tik Tok Top View. 

This is the first thing the user sees when opening the application. Short videos describing your product will definitely attract the attention of potential customers. It is the first place in the feed that is the most effective in advertising in all social networks.

Advertising in the feed. 

It is the same as the previous version of advertising, but not in first place, but among other TikTok content.

Challenge for the brand. 

In a separate tab, you can create an entire game with users. Set your own rules that thousands of people will want to repeat!

Signature effects. 

These are the games, effects, and masks used in the application. Often, brands use these elements in conjunction with hashtag challenges. For example, Fanta made a special mask for the #shedrinksyou advertising campaign. To defeat the darkness, the user needed to sip an invigorating drink. The coverage of the mask challenge was impressive – 351 million viewers.

Determine which advertising option is suitable for your specific case. 

In the meantime, we will analyze further targeting settings step by step.

Targeting followers on TikTok is possible in a special platform for business. Register in it using the link in order to start setting up.

Next, select the campaign creation mode: simplified or specialized. Don’t know what to choose? Try both and decide how many adjustments you feel comfortable making. Next, we will show you what options are available in both options.

You need to choose the goal of the advertising campaign. Select from the three available in the simplified system and click Continue.

Now, take a look at the settings in specialized mode. There are many more goals here. Switch to the advanced targeting option if you’re interested in things like lead generation or app installs. The simplified version has fewer features. After selecting your goal, click Continue.

The setup process is now displayed on the screen below. You’ll need to fill out the targeting options in your ad group and then create the ad itself. The advanced targeting process involves filling out the following fields:

  • group name;
  • retargeting audience or similar audiences, if necessary;
  • location;
  • audience demographics;
  • audience language;
  • targeting by behavior or interests;
  • devices used;
  • budget.

After filling out the fields, click “Next”. 

The simplified version has fewer settings. Here, you can trust the algorithms and set up an automatic display of ads. Then, the system itself will determine the target audience. Or you can set the parameters yourself. This option is shown in the screenshot below.

Here, just like the previous method, you can select the language, age, interests, and location of the user. Fill in the required parameters and click “Continue”.

Now make your budget settings, click Continue again, and start uploading your content!

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