Best Proxy Sites for School | Unblock Websites in 2022

Unblock websites in school easily by using Proxy Sites.

Proxy helps the users maintain anonymity online as all the social networking sites would be blocked in the schools. So the users can utilize the proxy sites or proxy servers to unblock and access those sites. At times, some of the sites that are not blocked will take a lot of loading time. During the project or research, they might require to access the blocked site to gather information. So the students must access those sites using proxy servers, which helps in masking the existing IP address. Let’s discuss the best proxy sites for school.

How do Proxy Site Works

When the user visits any URL using a proxy site, it automatically randomizes the IP address by masking the existing IP address. By using the randomly generated IP address, the website access request will be forwarded to the destination server and receive the information from the target. Now, the users can remotely connect to the block through the same network and access the URL anonymously. Here is how proxy sites work.

  1. The user visits the necessary website using a proxy server.
  2. Now, the proxy server will replace the existing IP address with the proxy’s own IP Address to mask the user’s identity.
  3. So the users can access any site using a proxy server as the IP address would be masked or hidden.

How to Unblock Websites at School

Here is the simple step-by-step process of unblocking websites at school using a proxy server. By doing this, the users will be able to access the sites blocked for usage by the school authorities.

  • Open the URL of the proxy site on the available browser and make sure to pick the best possible option from the list.
  • Now, the user can enter the blocked URL into the proxy site address bar.
  • Press the Enter key on the keyboard, and the users will be redirected to the webpage.
  • Finally, the users will be able to access it anonymously by masking the current IP address.

List of Best Proxy Sites for School

The users have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a proxy site for school. Here are some of the proxy sites available and the most dependable so far.

1. New IP Now

New IP Now Proxy site

The New IP Now proxy site ensures to protect the online identity and also provides diverse locations for the users browsing activity. It helps by securing the browsing history with URL encryption and allows the user to browse with a newly generated IP address as a part of the multi-browsing services. It also gives the users a seamless experience while utilizing the proxy sites.


2. Proxy Site

Proxy Site - Best Proxy Sites for School

The Proxy Site is another popular web proxy site that protects online privacy and provides maximum speed and security. The user will be able to browse any web pages with Secure Socket Layer encryption and connect from different places. This proxy site is accessible worldwide, and the user can browse using this website from schools, colleges, or offices around the world. It is compatible and supports browsing movies, games, and music websites. It also supports some popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube.


3. HideMyAss


HideMyAss is a secured proxy site that helps the students unblock various sites in school and also protects the device from hackers and snoopers. It is a secure tool that allows users to access websites at greater speed and is also compatible with all PC browsers. Basically, this proxy site hides the user’s current location and makes all the websites accessible from any part of the world without any difference.


4. Free Proxy

Free Proxy Site - Best Proxy Sites for School

The Free Proxy offers a greater speed and user experience while the users access the web pages or URLs blocked in schools. It maintains the users’ privacy by masking the real IP address and location. Hidden proxy encrypts the websites’ URLs and the contents of the targeted websites to ensure security from hackers trying to steal users’ information.


5. Unblock My Web

Unblock my Web proxy site

Unblock My Web is an efficient proxy site that connects the user with the blocked sites banned by the school authorities. The users will be able to access all the sites, including YouTube and other blocked social networking sites. It is a free proxy site that gives users unlimited access to various websites and can preferably be used as the primary proxy site for schools.

6. Proxify

Proxify - Best Proxy Sites for School

Proxify is a prominent proxy site for school students that work by masking the real IP address and allowing the user to browse anonymously. It gives users an option to browse from any convenient location and appears from over 1300 locations. This proxy ensures encrypting data and protects the user’s information by using the unique proxy system.


7. SSL Unblocker

SSL Unblocker offers extreme privacy and security to the users during browsing activities. It also encrypts the data from the web page before transmitting it to the user’s end. This proxy site ensures security from getting leaked by masking the user’s existing IP address and location. It is one of the best options to overcome and unblock restricted web pages.


8. DontFilter

DontFilter - Best Proxy Sites for School

The DontFilter is an anonymous web page unblocked that helps in protecting online privacy. By doing this, the users will be able to access any of the blocked websites by the school authorities or a region. This is the go-to option and is exclusively utilized by the school students for completing the research and project work.


9. WorkingProxy

WorkingProxy unblocks the websites at school by protecting the users from network monitoring and allowing users to access any page. It works by assigning a new IP address and masks the real IP address to access any website. The WorkingProxy does not keep a backup of any logs of the user’s activities and helps users access the popular social media sites.

10. Kproxy

Kproxy is a free proxy service used to unblock websites blocked by the school authorities. It can bypass any sites with users from any location and helps in securing the network from the public Wifi connections. It ensures safety for the users by protecting users’ passwords, card details, or any other confidential information.



How can the users get past a college firewall?

The students can utilize the proxy sites that encrypt data and change the IP address and location. But it an advisable only for research purposes.

Is it legit to use proxies at school?

No, accessing any blocked sites by the authority would be illegal. So the students should get permission from the high authority in advance if needed for research purposes.


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