9 Best Proxy Sites for YouTube to Unblock Videos

Stream the blocked YouTube videos easily by using the best Proxy sites for YouTube.

As YouTube is available all over the world, it filters content based on country. When you try to watch any blocked video on YouTube, you will get the “Video unavailable” screen. To bypass this restriction, you have to use proxy sites. For more than five months, I have used different proxy sites on YouTube to find the best one.

As VPNs are costly, proxy sites are a budget-friendly solution that can be accessed by everyone. Check the list of best proxy sites for YouTube in this guide and choose your preferred one.

Things to Consider Before Selecting a Proxy Site

As there are too many proxy sites available, I have ranked the best sites in this criteria.

  • The proxy site must be powerful enough to bypass the geo-restriction.
  • It must unblock YouTube videos without compromising the speed.
  • It must secure user privacy by protecting all the important information.
  • While comparing with VPNs, it must be less expensive.

Top YouTube Proxy Sites

Proxy SitesPricingWebsite
Basic – $5/ day
Premium – $10/day
VIP – $30/day
Croxy PoxyPremium – $3.50/mon
YouTube Unblocked Proxy SitePremium – $3.50/mon
ProxysiteMonthly – $9.99/mon
Yearly – $5.99/mon
Zalmos Web ProxyFree
SmartproxyPricing varies depending on the number of IPs
HMA Free YouTube ProxyPlans vary depending on the no.of connections


KProxy for Youtube

KProxy is one of the proxy services that are free of cost and has an easy-to-use UI. The proxy hides your IP address to make your browsing session anonymous. The proxy service also supports a Google Chrome extension, which makes your Proxy session just a click away. The only drawback of this proxy is it takes a little time to browse sites. To use Kproxy, visit the sites, enter the YouTube channel URL, click the Surf Button, and surf through the YouTube videos of your choice.

Safe to use, and it prevents hackersPresence of Ads
Available as an extension on many browsersLimited features under the free plan

Croxy Proxy


Using this proxy service, you can easily unblock and use any site of your preference. Croxy Proxy is also one of the best proxy sites for YouTube. With HTML5 video and audio support, you can stream any type of content with good quality. Like the HMA proxy, the Croxy Proxy has quick links section to access the sites for users even better. Moreover, you can use the Croxy Proxy as a Chrome extension on your Chrome browser.

Can use the proxy in multiple languagesMore ads
One of the best alternatives to VPNNeed to subscribe to the premium features


Best Proxy Site for Youtube

Proxysite is one of the best proxy services used on the internet to surf YouTube. With the Proxysite server selection, you can use it to watch specific country-targeted content on YouTube. The website displays minimum ads compared to other proxies. Moreover, you can use the proxy over Europe and US servers. Just visit the Proxysite website, type the desired URL, and click Go to surf the content you like.

Zalmos Web Proxy


Zalmox Web Proxy is one of the popular web proxies available for YouTube. Apart from YouTube, you can also use the proxy for Facebook, Google, Reddit, and other social media platforms. It is a free platform without any hidden charges. You can use this proxy on both smartphones and PCs.

Offers two types of encryptionsSlow during peak times
Complete anonymityNot any advanced features



Smartproxy is a relatively new proxy site that you can use to unblock various sites, including YouTube. You can download it as an add-on on Chrome and Firefox browsers on your PC. It provides nearly 40 million residential IPs without affecting the speed and performance. The best thing about Smartproxy is that it supports both IPv4 and HTTP.

Offers a large number of proxiesExpensive
24/7 customer support to clear your queriesNo free trial to test the features

HMA Free YouTube Proxy

HMA Proxy

HMA is a web proxy that is popular among users. It has a premium and a free version of it. Using the free version, you can only access some of the limited features of the site. You can’t use the same proxy on another tab with the free service. By purchasing the premium service, you can make yourself anonymous and overcome the limitations of the HMA. You can visit the official website of HMA Proxy, enter the YouTube URL on the search bar, and hit Agree & Connect.

You can use the proxy on any deviceLess speed
It safely encrypts the internet connectionThough it offers a free plan, you need to subscribe for premium features


GenMirror Proxy Site

Genmirror is a free Proxy service. Many people use this proxy to stream videos on YouTube. With its free SSL proxy method, you can access it on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. To use the proxy service, you need to visit the official site of Genmirror on any device, type the desired YouTube URL on the search bar, and hit Browse. The best part is that this free proxy keeps you anonymous. Using Genmirror on the smartphone, you can save bandwidth as well.

Unlocks Twitter, Reddit, & other social media sitesInterruption of ads
Can unblock any YouTube videosIt does not have an attractive UI


AtoZ Proxy

AtoZ is a Proxy service in which the UI of the site will resemble almost the same as the Genmirror proxy. Using the Advanced SSL encryption, you can easily hide your digital footprint and use the proxy service. It is easy to use, and you can consider this Proxy as one of your best proxy sites for YouTube. Just visit the AtoZproxy site and click on YouTube in the quick links section to surf YouTube content.

You can stream any YouTube videosSimilar to the interface of GenMirror
Completely anonymousMore interruption of ads
Visit Website

YouTube Unblocked Proxy Site

Proxy Sites for Youtube

Another one of the best Proxy sites to surf YouTube is YouTube Unblocked. The service is free to use and has its Premium version, enabling you to reduce the ads on the site. Just visit the YouTube Unblocked site and click on the YouTube Quick link, or enter the URL and start surfing YouTube freely.

Tip! If you are unsatisfied with the proxies, you can use some of the best VPN apps to secure privacy and easily watch geo-restricted content on different platforms.

Easy to useSimilar to Croxy Proxy
You can easily share the link with others Slow proxy compared to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Proxy sites safe?

Yes, proxies are safer to use. You can choose the best proxy based on the reviews, ratings, and features.

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