10 Best Android Music Players You Must Have in 2021

These apps could elevate your music listening on Android.

Every one of us has our favourite music and songs stored on our smartphone. If not, there will be a music streaming app. Until a few years back, there was no single app to stream music using the internet. So, most of us used to download and play songs on our Android smartphones. Now, everything is changed. Streaming apps made a revolution in the music industry. For everyone who loves the cloud-based music apps or the ones who hate the stock music player that comes along with your phone, we have this list of best Android music players both offline and online.

The reason is, many love to elevate their music listening experience with the advanced mixers and tools that these apps have. Also, these music player apps help you organize your music library stored on your Android phone. Let us jump into this post to find out the best Android music players for you.

List of Best Android Music Players

  • Google Play Music
  • VLC Media Player
  • Pulsar
  • Spotify
  • BlackPlayer
  • Amazon Music
  • MX Player
  • Neutron Music Player
  • Apple Music
  • Poweramp

Google Play Music

Play Music by Google is the default music player that comes pre-installed on any Android smartphone.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of the best Android music players of all time. It can be used to play music files that are saved on your smartphone. The standout thing in Google Play Music is that it can be used in two ways. One, you can listen to music that is stored on your device. Two, it can also be used as a streaming app with a library of 40 Million songs. By using your internet, you can listen to new releases, explore categories like Relaxing, Emotional, Motivational and many more.

Google Play Music can be used for free. To get the streaming services, you need to pay $9.99 per month.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the oldest media players for PCs. It was launched for Android in 2014.

VLC media player

With the simple UI, you can get to play offline music and videos. It offers a lot of customization options like Jump to Time, A-B repeat, Playback speed, Equalizer, and Sleep Timer. The app will automatically detect the video & audio files and shows them is a separate list. You can also control the app in the Lock screen too. If you want online streaming, simply paste the URL of the song in the Stream section.

VLC Media Player app is available for free on the Google Play Store.


Pulsar is one of the highly recommended Android music players. It is the most lightweight music player (4.3 MB).

best android music players

The Pulsar music player will satisfy all your music needs. It has features like Gapless playback, Sound balance adjustment, Display lyrics, Sleep timer, and many more. You can also customize the app with a collection of themes. The user interface is similar to Google Play Music. You can also control the app with voice commands too. The best thing about the Pulsar music player is that the app has no ads at all. With the Pulsar app, you can directly share the music files to your friend through any medium.

Pulsar app is available for free on the Google Play Store and Pro version costs $2.99


You just can’t fill up the list of best Android music players without the Spotify app.


Spotify app is the best music streaming app for Android. It was launched in 2008. The app has music collections from over 50 million tracks. If you have a Spotify app on your smartphone, you don’t need any other music apps. The app will update all the recent songs quite frequently. In the app, you can make your own playlists, browser music through different categories and different languages. Spotify also has Chromecast support too.

Spotify app is free with ads. The Premium subscription costs $9.99 per month with a free trial for one month.


BlackPlayer music player is similar to VLC and Pulsar music player. You can play offline libraries with ease.

best android music players

With the minimalistic material design and elegant interface, BlackPlayer can serve all of your music needs. You can customize the app in any way you want. You can change the font style, font colour, sliding left menu options, sort order and many more. With the 5 band Equalizer, Bass Boost, Sound Balance, Amplifier, Reverb, and Virtualizer, you can finetune the music however you need. You can also set up a widget for the app.

The BlackPlayer music player app is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music has two types of services, Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. It was launched in 2007.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is the best Android music player for Amazon Prime users. With your Amazon Prime subscription, you can use the app for free. By using the subscription, you can get ad-free music streaming and offline listening with high-quality audio. With the Amazon Music Unlimited, you can access more than 50 million songs, all the recent music collection. But you need to have an Amazon account to access the app.

The app is free to download. With your Prime subscription, you can use the app for free. Amazon Music Unlimited costs $7.99 per month or $79 per year.

MX Player

If VLC Media Player has streaming support, that would be the same as MX Player.

MX Player: best android music players

In MX Player, you can play your offline audio and video files. But with the internet connection, you can play all the latest audio and video files for free. It has music from different languages. The app has music separated in categories like Romantic, Electronic, Motivational, Chill, Coffee Break, Easy Listening and much more. If you get bored with music, you can also play games like Street Racer, Tiny Army, Flap Up and many more games.

MX Player is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Neutron Music Player

Neutron Music Player (Eval) is a powerful music player tool that is available for most of the smart devices.

Neutron: best android music players

It is not recommended for beginners as it comprises of most complex tools. In Neutron Music Player, you get to choose the language, as it has 21 languages. It will scan all the music files that are stored on your device, even the system’s built-in ringtone files. Neutron Music Player has tools like DSP Effect, Fader, 32/64-bit audio processing, and Resampling. In the finetune options, you can control Tempo, Fade, Equalizer, AGP, and Preamp.

The app costs $6 in the Google Play Store and it has a free trial for 5 days.

Apple Music

Yes, Apple Music. It can be installed on any Android smartphone. It is not only the best music streaming app on iOS but also on Android.

Apple Music: best android music players

The Apple Music app will be a great find to the people who switch from iOS to Android. The Android app has the same UI and options as you see in iOS smartphones. Apple Music has music content from over 60 million songs from different languages. You can follow artists, genres, playlist so that you won’t miss any songs. The app has radio stations from all over the world. If you want, you can create your own profile and follow your other Apple Music friends to see what they are listening to.

The app is free to download but the subscription costs $9.99 per month and $99 per year.


Poweramp is yet another offline music player for your Android smartphone.

Poweramp: best android music players

The Poweramp music player is one of the famous music player apps on the music category. Like Neutron Music Player, it has a lot of advanced editing tools. The control options are provided in a clock-like structure that looks more appealing than the other music player apps. The app has customization tools like Theme, Screen Orientation, Background image, Headset customizations. You can also export equalizer, tone, balance tweaks from other sources.

The Poweramp Music Player has two versions. The trial version is available for free, Full Version costs $1-$2.

Our Opinion

These are the best Android music players that are available on the Google Play Store. Install any one of the above-mentioned apps and listen to music in a new way. If you have any other best Android music players that are not mentioned above, let us know in the comments section. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more tech updates.

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