Comparison between PMP Certification and MBA

PMP refers to the Project Management Professional Certificate. It was established by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in the United States, strictly evaluating whether the knowledge and skills of project management personnel are of high quality. It aims to provide a unified standard for project management personnel.

So far, PMI PMP certification has been promoted in more than 190 countries and regions worldwide. It is the most valuable certificate in the field of project management. Acquiring PMP certification can not only improve the project management ability of managers but directly reflect the competence of project managers. It is a symbol of profession. To put it simply, project management applies knowledge, techniques, skills, and tools to project activities to satisfy the demands of a project.

MBA refers to Master of Business Administration. The courses involve management, economics, finance, law, and so on. The MBA training not only includes the ability to organize and lead but also communicative, negotiating, judging, and handling abilities. MBA focuses on how to use modern management methods to make effective decisions on enterprise and operation management. In detail, how to motivate staff, cut down business costs, seize opportunities for development, and make development strategies are all concluded.

What is the Difference Between the People Who Take the PMP Certification Exam and the MBA?

PMP certification candidates mainly want to improve themselves and to be project managers or make breakthroughs in their careers.

While MBA candidates want to start their business, they want to master the knowledge of project management. Generally, the management knowledge of an MBA is more universal.

PMP or MBA Exam: Which One Suits Me?

It depends on your demands and economic conditions. The differences between PMP and MBA are given below.


Firstly, you can obtain the certificate directly if you pass the PMP exam. You do not have to attend extra courses. The training course fee of a PMP is also much lower than that of an MBA.

To pass an MBA, you need to take courses lasting 2-3 years. The tuition fee is more than 15,788 USD, which is expensive. However, many people still sign up for the exam every year. It can be seen that an MBA is valuable.

The Scope of Management

PMP targets projects with time and budget limits and comprehensively manages each node of projects.

MBA involves all sorts of industrial and commercial enterprises. It can be applied not only to the projects but also to the operation and development strategies of the whole enterprise.


Most people who want to take the PMI PMP exam want to transfer their positions from technical to management. They want to be project managers to manage each aspect of a project to achieve the expected effects.

An MBA can help you promote yourself quicker, know about the frontiers of business, and grasp the economy’s pulse. It enables candidates to start their businesses.

Social Network

You need to take PMP exam prep alone, while an MBA enables you to make acquaintance with excellent people from all walks of life. They will be very precious resources for you. By extending your social network, you can enter the business community quickly.

The Value of PMP and MBA

A PMP certificate is valuable. However, in the long run, it is not that helpful for personal promotion.

MBA is more valuable, bringing convenience to you when you seek jobs, gain recognition, and so on.

Therefore, if the ultimate purpose is to promote yourself and you have adequate funds, an MBA will be a nice choice.

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