7 Best Apps for Tracking Pokemon Card Prices

Use the best apps to track and find price and rarity of Pokemon cards

Pokemon Card is one of the popular trading card games, and the first set of cards was released on October 20, 1996. If you’re a Pokemon Card lover and want to track & find the rarity and exact prices of each card, then you’re at the right place. We have curated a list of the best apps for tracking Pokemon card prices online on both your Android and Apple devices.

Some of the Rare and Valuable Pokemon Cards

The below-mentioned are the rarest and most expensive Pokemon cards, which cost more than $100.

  • Gold Pikachu
  • Prerelease Raichu
  • Master’s Key
  • Gold Star Espeon and Umbreon
  • 2002 No.1 Trainer
  • No Rarity Vensaur
  • Tropical Wind
  • 1999 No.1 Trainer
  • 2006 No.2 Trainer
  • 1st Edition Holo Lugia

Apps for Tracking Pokemon Card Price

AppPriceSupported DevicesWebsite
Poke TCG Scanner – Dragon ShieldFreeAndroid, iOS & iPadOS
Dex – for Pokemon TCGFreeiOS & iPadOS
Pokemon TCG Card DexFreeAndroid, iOS & iPadOS
Pokemon TCG OnlineFreeAndroid, iPadOS
PokecollectorFreeAndroid, iOS & iPadOS
TCGplayer$6.99/monthAndroid, iOS & iPadOS

Poke TCG Scanner – Dragon Shield

Poke TCG Scanner - Dragon Shield

Dragon Shield is one of the most popular Poke TCG scanner apps in which you can track the Pokemon card prices and is also used to keep track of your card inventory. With this app installed via App Store or Play Store, you can scan cards instantly in English and other foreign languages. This is a great app for organizing your Pokemon cards into folders with customized images and also has price valuation and win/loss ratio for each card.

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Pokecardex is an Android-only application ranked no.1 in Europe on Pokemon Trading Card game websites. By installing this app from Play Store, you can easily manage your Pokemon card collection. Using this application, you can browse more than 15,000 card belongings to more than 160 expansions in order of oldest to the latest set of cards, including promo cards.

Dex – for Pokemon TCG

Dex - for Pokemon TCG

Dex – for Pokemon TCG is a card tracking app for Pokemon, only available on Apple App Store. With this app, you can track your card collection and find your favorite new cards. Using Dex, you can figure out how much your collection is worth compared to other collections. You can also see the rarity and min/max value among sets of cards.

Pokemon TCG Card Dex

Pokemon TCG Card Dex

Pokemon TCG Card Dex is also one of the popular Pokemon card tracking apps available on both the App Store and Play Store This app allows users to browse and manage all cards released since the launch of Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon series, and it also includes promo cards. It offers an image recognition feature to scan your cards into the app.

Pokemon TCG Online

Pokemon TCG Online app for Tracking Pokemon Card Prices

Pokemon TCG Online is a wonderful app to track and have fun mastering the Pokemon Trading Card Game online. With this app, you can challenge your friends or other players around the globe. You can unlock new cards and decks to build your collection and make the collection unique. You can install this app on both iOS (App Store) and Android Play Store platforms.


Pokecollector app for Tracking Pokemon Card Prices

Pokecollector is a unique app that modernizes your TCG card collection and brings it all to your fingertips to manage and find the best Pokemon card for the best price. This app builds a database of all Pokemon cards in English and Japanese to scan cards from different sets and expansions. You can install this app directly from App Store and Play Store to track and find Pokemon cards.


TCGplayer is the first Pokemon card pricing app available on App Store and Play Store. It is used to scan your cards to find prices and sell them on the TCGplayer shop online. This app has the feature to choose between Mid, Low, Direct Low, and Market Prices while searching for cards. It brings the image recognition feature to scan and recognize cards in card sleeves or upside down.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get Pokemon Go on Apple Watch?

Yes. With the help of paired iPhone, you can get Pokemon Go on Apple Watch and complete challenges to win the game.

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