Win Big With Free Spins: Strategies and Tips for Online Casino Success

Playing online slots is one of the best real-money gambling experiences there is. More so because of the exciting bonus offers in the form of casino 50 free spins no deposit. These free spins not only bring more entertainment to the scene but also improve your chances of winning.

Speaking of winning, many online casino users are still yet to figure out how to use free spins to improve their odds. Fortunately, we’re bringing you several tips to succeed at online slots while using free spins in your favor.

How Exactly Do Free Spins Improve Your Chances?

It is quite a simple answer. Free spins reduce your risk while increasing your odds of a reward for any wager. In other words, since they allow you to spin the reel without a wager, you have a slight advantage with each one.

For instance, say one free spin is worth a $0.10 bet, which won’t get charged from your betting tab. It would mean that you stand a chance of winning the corresponding reward with zero risk.

It is also worth noting that free spins come with wagering requirements, which will ultimately reduce your edge. And we’re going to uncover wagering terms in detail in subsequent paragraphs. But in all, free spins are still of legitimate advantage in online gambling.

So How Do You Make Free Spins Work for You?

It is one thing to understand how free spins work, and another, to put it into practice. And many online casino users do not see past the availability of these bonuses.

Using free spins is simple enough. But your real advantage lies in how you can use them, with other strategies in consideration. So without further ado, let’s get right into the tips you need to reckon while spinning at Canadian casinos.

Confirm the Slots They Apply To

You probably know you cannot use free spins on all pokie games at a typical online casino. This is because casino sites wish to control the usage and possible outcome of the collective use of these spins. This is why you must select the best possible games to play on.

By the best possible games, we’re referring to game slot varieties that play into the promotion that free spins provide. And in this case, you should lean towards jackpot slots with low volatility. Low-volatility jackpot games payout small winnings more frequently with occasional big hits. Hence the full edge of your bonus spins comes into play. Furthermore, the following are some of the best game options you can explore to get the best of your bonus spins:

  • Starburst
  • Bloodsuckers II
  • Enchanted Garden
  • Jack Hammer
  • Astromaya

Know Your RTP

The return-to-player percentage is essential to slot games. And in simple terms, the RTP measures how much of your wager amount you can recover on progressive bets. And since you can use free spins progressively, it is best to select slots with a high RTP percentage. That way, even if all your wagers go wrong, you’re guaranteed back a small portion of your bankroll.

Furthermore, below is a few slot games with very high return-to-player percentages that you should consider checking out:

  • Ocean Princess (99.1%)
  • Mega Joker (99%)
  • Blood Suckers (98%)
  • Marching Legions (98.12)
  • Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets (98.95%)

Choose Casinos With Minor Wagering Requirements

As mentioned earlier, wagering requirements are precisely how online casinos limit the edge on free spins. This is because you must bet your bonus funds several times to access cash withdrawals. That way, you can lose a good percentage of your bonus, which ultimately reduces the edge.

However, since wager requirements are a standard practice among Canadian casinos, you can not escape them. Nevertheless, we recommend you choose casinos with more favorable terms. In other words, you should avoid very high wager terms by choosing your casino sites carefully.

Bet With Patterns

A betting strategy is also essential when playing with free spins. And you’ll need one because betting without a system would only mean you depend solely on blind luck. In this case, you can use the max betting plan or the progressive one.

The max bets are useful when you’re playing any casino game that needs a max wager to trigger big wins. In which case, you should be going max to ensure your potential winnings come out big.

Conversely, making progressive bets across multiple pay lines can also be helpful. Since spreading your bets allow you to extend your gameplay, you’re more likely to secure a winning combination in the long run. In all, try not to spin randomly and adopt a betting plan, as it’ll be helpful in the long run.

Practice With Demo

This tip is most relevant for newcomers in the gambling industry. Practicing casino games, in general, helps you master the principles and workings of the game. And to gain any advantage with free spins, you must understand why and how they work.

So, in addition to the guidelines provided in this article, we recommend that you play slots in the demo mode to pitch your gambling experience. However, not every online casino offers games in trial modes, so be sure to select your sites well.

Responsible Gambling

Gambling is only appropriate when done responsibly. And most top-rated online casinos ensure proper gambling support to all interested customers. This support comes from gaming limits that you can apply to ensure your gambling is regulated and you can avoid any gambling hazard.

Also, you can contact gambling support platforms like the Responsible Gambling Commission and Gamblers Anonymous in case of gambling addiction.

Websites like the RCG offer Canadian players step-by-step counsel on handling a gambling addiction. All you have to do is visit their official websites to participate. To that end, the following index contains other gambling support organizations and their websites:

Support OrganisationsWebsites
Responsible Gambling
Be Gamble


So there you go, all the tips to succeed at slots while taking advantage of free spins. So far, we’ve given a good insight into the workings of free spins and how they can make your casino gaming more productive. And provided you’re not a carefree player, these strategies should bring you a good edge at the reels.

Also, casino slots are constantly changing, so you’ll need to be flexible in your approach. In other words, you will have to determine which approach is best per time. Overall, winning online gambling is not rocket science, and you can always get some extra advantage from promotion bonuses like free spins.


Can I Lose Free Spins if I Don’t Use Them?

Yes, depending on the terms, the casino can retrieve your free spins if you fail to use them over some time.

Do Free Spins Guarantee Wins?

Not at all. Gambling is based primarily on chance, and you are only guaranteed improved odds.

Can I Get Free Spins Without Making a Deposit?

Yes, some casinos offer free spins as part of a no-deposit bonus offer.

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