How to Bypass the Great Firewall and Unlock Content

Have you ever tried accessing a Chinese website only to get blocked by the Great Firewall? This is a common scenario that most foreign internet surfers face when looking for Chinese content.

The Great Firewall is the combination of rules, tools, and services that the government of the People’s Public of China implements, hiding their local content from outsiders. This is a huge hassle, especially if you want to launch a product in China but don’t have enough stats on the local market, customers, and other aspects.

However, with the help of a China proxy, you can bypass the Great Firewall, opening doors to new opportunities. How? Read to explore.

The Great Firewall- What Is It?

The Great Firewall

Deployed in 1996 in China, the Great Firewall was first introduced as the Golden Shield Project. Since its birth till today, this technology helps shield content and websites that the people of China or its government consider important to keep safe from outsiders. The firewall helps block an entire website and also filter content on platforms.

Do you know how it does that?

The Great Firewall uses several techniques to perform this job. For instance, the government authorities can easily inspect all the ongoing and outgoing online traffic in China. This gives ample access, allowing the Great Firewall to block IP addresses and domains.

In addition, when you wish to access a certain blocked keyword or phrase, the Great Firewall either blocks the requested query or redirects it, restricting you from getting any data.

This technology also resets network connections and blocks traffic. It uses the approach Transmission Control Protocol reset attack to perform this job. The Great Firewall can also peek into encrypted messages using TLC certificate interception.

The most common websites blocked by the Great Firewall include BBC, Dropbox, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, and YouTube.

Bypassing the Great Firewall- All the Solutions Available

Are you looking for a way to bypass this solid barrier between you and China? If yes, we have a few commonly used solutions for you.

Use a China Proxy

A proxy acts as a bridge between you and the blocked website. It assigns you a new IP address, allowing you to get a positive response from the website without identifying your true identity.

When you use a China proxy, you appear as a local rather than a foreigner surfing the net. Your location appears from within China, giving you the ability to access any local website you want. Hassle-free browsing via a China proxy, therefore, is highly beneficial.

A proxy can either be a data center or residential. The right category depends on your use case, budget, and overall internet speed requirements.

When using a China proxy, ensure that you use it for legal purposes only. Avoid this technology for malicious activities such as hacking. If you do, be prepared to get caught by the Chinese authorities.

Maybe a VPN Can Help!

Alternatively, you can also get a VPN. A Virtual Private Network can assist you bypass all restrictions and bypass the Great Firewall. The encrypted message it creates between you and the blocked server helps you surf the internet securely.

When selecting the right VPN, you must connect with a reputable provider. You should also opt for a server location outside of China to access blocked content.

It is imperative to note that with advancements in technology, the Chinese government has been quite active lately in blocking VPNs. So, opting for this solution is risky today.

Get Hold of Tor

Tor uses the onion routing technology to perform its job. The browser passes your web traffic through various random nodes, making it tough to trace your activity online.

This solution provides a high level of anonymity. However, it can also be detected by the Great Firewall if not used properly.

Practice These for a Smooth Ride

While there are many solutions that promise a hassle-free bypassing of the Great Firewall, you should still be cautious and use each approach safely.

Buy a proxy or VPN from a well-reputed provider. You don’t want to risk yourself by getting cheap proxies and then getting caught. Once caught, you may never be able to access Chinese content again.

In addition, don’t waste your money on outdated proxies. Also, invest in software with strong encryption protocols.

Final Takeaway

Are you ready to break the Great Firewall? If you thought this wasn’t possible, now you know that it is. The wall has been built to retain the security of information. But unfortunately, it has also made it hard to access data that may be helpful for the rest of the world.

There is so much hidden data in China that you may want to access and use for your benefit.

Bypass the Great Firewall safely. Yes, take all precautions and be cautious of your actions. We don’t want you to get into trouble when using a China proxy.

Here’s wishing you a safe online experience!

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