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How to Check Windows Version [3 Different Methods]

You can easily check the Windows version by visiting the settings menu or using Keyboard shortcuts.

Windows is one of the most widely used operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows is frequently updated with attractive features. It allows users to interact with the computer using the keyboard, mouse and other input devices. To fix bugs and improve performances, Microsoft rolls out an update every time. Each update is provided with a version number. You can check whether your system is up to date or not by checking the version number. If you are not sure on how to check the Windows version, then follow the below steps.

How to Check Windows Version?

To find out the version of windows you are running, you can either check the version directly from the system settings or by using keyboard shortcuts or using cmd.

Check the Windows version from Settings

(1) Open the computer or laptop and click on the Start button from the home screen.

(2) Move to the search box and type winver.

Check windows version

(3) Click on the winver from the search result.

(4) Now the small window will appear on the screen with Microsoft Windows version and other details.

Check the Windows version by using the Keyboard Shortcuts

(1) Open your windows computer or laptop.

(2) Press together Windows + I keyboard keys, it will open the system settings.

(3) Select the System menu option.

(4) Scroll down and select About option. It will show the complete details of your device includes version number and system type.

Check the Windows version

The below image shows the version number of your Windows.

Check the Windows version

In case the above shortcut is not functioning properly, you have to use an alternative keyboard shortcuts option.

(1) Open the Windows computer or laptop.

(2) Press Windows key + Pause Key, it will show all the windows information.

Check the Windows version

Check your Windows version using CMD

(1) Open the Windows computer or Laptop.

(2) Press Windows key + R. It will open the Run dialogue box on the screen.

(3) Enter cmd on the text box and click OK.

Check the Windows version

(4) Type systeminfo in the command line and press the enter button.

Check the Windows version

(5) It will show all the details of your system in the terminal output. You can see OS name, version number, build number and many more.

Check the Windows version

The above methods are used to see the Operating System, Name and Version Number on Windows 10. If you are using windows 8 or 7 or earlier version, you can check the windows version by following the below steps.

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How to check on Windows 8?

(1) Open the Windows computer and go to start screen.

(2) Click on the start window button and type About PC.

(3) Click on About PC search result, it will show all the system information.

Check the Windows version

How to check on Windows 7?

(1) Open the windows computer and go to the home screen.

(2) Right-Click on the Start Menu.

(3) Select the properties option.

(4) System type entry shows the version of windows (32 bit or 64 bit).

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Our Opinion

The above are the steps required to check the Windows version. By checking the version number, you can update your system to the latest version. The version number is always useful because you can find common issues on that version by checking it online.

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