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How Hard is it to Become a Professional Gamer These Days?

Almost everyone loves games in one form or another. For thousands of years, people have been playing games. But relatively recently, there has been the notion that money can be made by playing a particular type of game, namely computer games.

Before the 1990s, no one had even heard of the concept of a “gamer.” But now everything has changed, and being a gamer is not only trendy but also very profitable. And now, many people are wondering who a gamer is and whether it is difficult to become one. Let’s look into it.

What does it mean to be a gamer?

It is difficult to define the term “gamer,” as there is no application form that you can fill out to become a pro. However, everyone agrees that a professional earns all or a significant portion of his or her income by playing games. Gaming is what gamers do.

In most cases, a gamer is someone who participates in events such as The International, ESL tournaments, and the League of Legends World Championship, either alone or as part of a team, depending on the specifics of the game. Competitors usually play as members of a team or organization, such as Evil Geniuses or NaVi.

However, to become a gamer, you don’t have to participate in competitions and earn money from games. Yes, in the early days, only those players who participated in tournaments at the highest level and won money were considered professional gamers. These days, thanks to the internet and the rise of gaming, people can make money in the industry even without world-class qualifications.

What does a gamer do?

A pro video gamer takes part in tournaments and/or is present in the media space by making reviews, advertisements, or other industrial activities. Essentially, if a person makes money from gameplay, it doesn’t matter what level they play at; they can still be considered a pro.

With that said, working as a gamer can include the following aspects:

  • Participating in cybersports tournaments;
  • Streaming games on Twitch and YouTube;
  • Preparing game reviews on social networks and streaming platforms;
  • Advertising of gaming products, including software and hardware;
  • Sponsorship contracts with major brands within and outside the gaming industry;
  • Collaborations with game developers.

How do you become a pro gamer?

Get a good monitor

The display plays an important role in gaming. To pass the dark dungeons and see all the nuances, you need a decent diagonal and good color. Pay attention to the following parameters.

  • Resolution. The more resolution your monitor, hardware, and game support, the more detailed and realistic the picture will be. This way, you can plunge into the virtual world.
  • Color rendering. It influences the picture’s natural color rendering: with good color rendering, the picture will correspond to the game’s designers’ idea. Poor color rendering when gaming is like coming to a gallery wearing sunglasses: the same pictures, but the artist’s idea cannot be fully appreciated.
  • Monitor response time. The lower this indicator, the faster the monitor can change color from one pixel to another. But this parameter is more important for cyber athletes, and an ordinary gamer is better guided by the color rendering.
  • Refresh rate. A high indicator will maximally smooth out abrupt movements on the screen, which is especially important in games where you have to actively twist your head.

Try different genres – it’s brain-pumping

Gameplay can develop different skills in you: neatness, logical thinking, and even artistic taste. It all depends on the particular video game, but here’s a rough guide:

  • Platformers, fighting games, and shooters require a high speed of reaction and, of course, develop it.
  • Economic simulators – a treasure trove for strategic thinkers and mathematicians.
  • Flight and car simulators – develop the ability to make quick decisions and spatial thinking. By the way, flight simulators are used by pilots in their professional training.

If you want to find your favorite genre, just try and experiment. It makes sense to start with those games that work in an interesting for you setting, that is, the atmosphere. For example, space: games about space can be implemented in any genre, even in casino games at, but they will have a single setting – stories about universes, galaxies, and interplanetary travel.


It’s pretty obvious, but practice makes you perfect. You know that. But practice also takes time, so you need to devote yourself to developing the skills you need to be a professional. No more Saturday nights at the pub-you’ve got your work cut out for you. You also have to be able to compete no matter how you feel, even if you’re tired or sick. So practice practice, and practice, even in all sorts of conditions (e.g., sick, hungover, and so on). Be prepared to play games under any circumstances.

Communicate with other gamers

The world of video games has its peculiar language, and it’s better to learn it with the help of other gamers. Go online, get to know the players, and ask them if you don’t understand some of their lingoes. At the same time, you get new insights for the conversations. A gamer community is no substitute for live communication, but it’s also a kind of club of interest where the rules are clear to all. Namely: don’t be rude, don’t threaten, don’t deceive – and you’ll be welcome everywhere.

Try your hand at streaming

Streaming is not just an exciting modern gaming add-on. First of all, it is an opportunity to share your impressions, and if you can stream brightly and interestingly, and, of course, earn money on it. All you need to do is to start streaming on YouTube or Twitch, and the first, even accidental, viewer will turn you into a real streamer. Also, you will be playing together in the company.

To get a foothold and become popular, you need some kind of thing. For example, humor, interesting stories, or an emotional response to what’s happening in the game. Some stand out because of their physical attributes or age. Let’s say that streaming children gather viewers among other children – it is interesting for them to watch their peers. And the streaming of older people is liked by all because of the weirdness of such a show.

Be prepared for the audience to like you first. Don’t feel bad if the donations aren’t coming right away. Keep streaming and keep getting emotionally invested.

How long do you need to become a pro player?

It all depends on what kind of game you want to play. For the most popular games, such as League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it takes about five years to go from beginner to competitive player. It can be even longer if you don’t have the necessary skills in the beginning.

Final Thoughts

Playing online games for a living is an exciting job that anyone who can play games competitively and/or professionally dreams of doing. However, the road to the top of the video game revenue food chain is paved with many obstacles, and competition is fierce in most competitive video games today. Consequently, not everyone can make a professional living from video games.

However, this does not mean that one should give up right away. Treat the difficulties that arise on your way to becoming a pro gamer as tasks with an asterisk. Everything will work out despite all the difficulties.

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