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How to Earn Money by Watching Videos

Earn unlimited cash by watching videos.

Though thousands of apps are available on the internet, there is no reliable app for users to earn rewards. If you are looking for the best app to earn rewards, you can download and install the VidMate Cash application on your smartphone. Once you install the app, you can earn cash daily by performing the tasks like watching videos and more. In addition, you can refer your friends by sending a VidMate Cash invite code.

How to Earn Money Through VidMate Cash App

Firstly, download and install the VidMate Cash app on your smartphone.

1. Launch the app on your smartphone and tap Earn Cash at the bottom.

Watching Videos

2. You can see the lists of reward tasks. Tap Watch Videos.

3. By watching the videos, the rewards will be added simultaneously. The rewards will be added by streaming the video for a longer time.

4. Once you start collecting the rewards, they will be converted into cash.

5. Next, go back and tap Withdraw (At the top).

Withdraw money from the app

6. Follow the on-screen steps to withdraw money and deposit it in your bank account.

Other Ways to Earn Money

Apart from watching the videos, you can also earn rewards and convert them into cash by performing tasks.

Inviting Friends

You can also invite your friends to the app by sharing the APK link or the task link and earn rewards only when your friend earns money for the first time.

Using Amazon app

You can get the rewards by installing the Amazon app and performing the tasks on your smartphone. You need to perform 3 tasks to earn the reward.

1. Get and Open the app.

2. Open the Amazon the next day.

3. Opening the app on the 7th day.

Download Amazon from VidMate Cash

Following the entire task, you can get the rewards completely and convert them into cash.

Watching Video Ads

Like watching videos, you can watch video ads to earn rewards. Watching video ads can quickly earn rewards in a short time.

Spotify Sign Up

Like Amazon, you can install the Spotify app on your smartphone and register an account to earn rewards.

1. Tap Get to download the Spotify app.

2. Register a new account in the app.

3. Open the app the next day and use it for a few minutes.

Download Spotify from VidMate Cash

By doing so, you can earn more rewards.

Signing up on Byju’s

Signing up on Byju’s lets you earn more rewards within a few days.

1. Download Byjus’s app by tapping Get.

2. Register a new account in the app by submitting the necessary details.

3. Once you registered an account, use the app for a few minutes to complete the tasks.

Using Tata Neu

If you are looking for new payment apps, you can install the Tata Neu app and register an account on your smartphone to earn more rewards.

1. Install the Tata Neu app.

2. Sign up or register for a new account using the necessary details.

3. Once registered, use the app for a few minutes to get the rewards completely.

Download Tata Neu from VidMate Cash

Apart from the above ones, there are other tasks that you can perform and earn money right away.

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