How to Earn By Playing: 3 Crypto Games That You Should Start Right Now!

With the introduction of web3 came crypto gaming. Cryptocurrency “Play-to-Earn” (P2E) games are entertaining and lucrative. Play-to-earn gaming enables you to earn real money from your gaming adventures in the crypto world, unlike traditional video gaming, where your most remarkable accomplishments would be in-game valuables and completing missions.

So, should you start playing these crypto games? If you’re interested in games and want to turn your hobby into an income source, then crypto games are just what you were looking for.

You can play games about pets in the 3D metaverse or improve your fitness level to earn cryptocurrency and then spend or save that cryptocurrency as you see fit. Here is a rundown of the top play-to-earn titles and their elements, advantages, and downsides in case you’re interested in venturing into the world of blockchain games that can eventually bring you some additional cash.

1. Axie Infinity

With the recent blow of popularity of all things related to web3, crypto is to see a rise in fame with more and more players coming online by the minute. The possibility of earning money makes the games even more attractive! And so developers are also on their way to delivering the best gaming experience to you. There are countless paid and free crypto games on ios, android, and many other platforms! One such popular game is Axie Infinity.

Players in Axie Infinity collect digital pets known as Axies and use them in Player vs. player (PVP) battles over a vast digital cosmos. Sky Mavic made Axie Infinity, so players might have a lot of fun doing different things like creating kingdoms, breeding, raising, and fighting. In addition, it provides incentives in the form of NFTs or Non-fungible tokens.

  • The Gameplay and Mechanics

Axie Infinity’s gameplay is highly competitive and requires a high level of expertise. Finding an Axie that can kill opponents is the first step in playing Axie Infinity. Axie is divided into six pure breeds, each with six distinct physical traits. Thus, to have any chance of defeating the opposition, you must employ some skill in selecting your pet.

After you have obtained an Axie set, you should begin training in Adventure mode. Here, your pet can earn “Experience” (XP) by fighting the AI Axie, preparing it for the next level of play in Arena mode. You’ll be matched with other players of the same Matchmaking Rating in this setting (MMR).

As a result, your MMR and bank balance will increase proportionally as you rack up more kills and kill rewards in PVP.

  • How the Games Let’s You Earn Money

In Axie Infinity, your earning potential is directly proportional to how well you play. Your ability to gain money while playing Axie Infinity is proportional to your Match Making Rank (MMR). The cultivation of forms can also be used as a means of producing cryptocurrency.

In most cases, your starting MMR will be 1200, granting you 3 Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens. As often as you’re victorious. The native token of Axie Infinity is SLP. The value of three SLPs is around fifteen cents. Your MMR will drop, but your spending power (SLP) will remain unchanged if you lose the game. The key to earning more is by practicing and climbing the rank ladder.

2. Decentraland

With Technology evolving, the new generation of games is approaching as well. And so there’s no doubt that game developers will try to be one of the leaders in the upcoming market. Hence, why there is no major vacancy for video games yet. 

One of the most prominent virtual gaming metaverses is Decentraland. MANA is the game’s native token. This play-to-earn game, created by Ariel Meilich and Esteban Ordano, is a virtual destination for digital goods. Decentraland allows users to create and sell immersive real estate in the world inside the screen.

  • The Gameplay and Mechanics

With 90,601 plots of land to explore, gameplay in Decentraland is centered on this resource. Beautiful landscapes, structures, works of art, and other non-playable content (NFT) are all fair game in these territories. Players on Decentraland can use these virtual items to host their own gaming competitions, social gatherings, and monetized events.

Additionally, the Decentraland games may be brought to life with the help of the Decentraland marketplace and the Decentraland building tool. Create your own NFTs with the builder, then sell them for Mana on the marketplace.

  • Earning Potential From the Game

Buying land and then reselling it for a profit is the best way to earn money on Decentraland. A piece of property in the videogame can be purchased for around $3,000. While this may be true, you can set your price if you buy land in a hot market.

You can also make good money by selling NFTs on Decentraland. NFTs can be purchased for as little as a dollar and as much as $266,000. This margin of price maneuverability and profit margin is substantial.

3. The Sandbox

At last, we have the sandbox. The Sandbox is a popular crypto play-to-earn game. This online metaverse game lets NFT gamers make money. Pixowl introduced blockchain technology to gamers in 2011 with the Sandbox. However, this blockchain-based videogame is now a vibrant digital economy that lets players develop and sell voxel items and multiplayer games.

  • The Gameplay and Mechanics

Player ingenuity drives this multiverse gaming NFT project. The Sandbox enables you to construct virtual worlds with characters, buildings, art, events, and resources and control their interactions. The game has limitless possibilities!

Game owners must first tie their game to a Sandbox plot to play. One meter in The Sandbox is 32x32x32 voxels or 3D pixels. You can also hire land to make a game.

  • Earning Opportunity in the Sandbox

The Sandbox’s currency is creativity. NFT game development companies and marketplace sales are the game’s first moneymaking method. SAND, the game-in-game currency, is your payment. These NFTs ange from $0.97 to $4826. Thus, you can price your NFTs inside this range and find a buyer.

Buy land and rent or sell it to other players to make money in The Sandbox. The game doesn’t include land prices. The Sandbox’s highest 1×1 plot sale was 100 ETH. The Yacht’s King Domain sold the land for $279,282.

In Conclusion

Earning money by playing video games was once a job for a select few highly skilled people. However, with the arrival of the newer web, making money while casually playing from home is now a very legitimate possibility.

If you’re interested in getting an income source, why not do something you’ve always loved? We hope this article helped answer the question, “ Should you start playing crypto games” and we wish you good luck in your future endeavors. 

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