The Vital Role of Podcast in the Modern Tech Culture of Today

There are only a select few species in the world who are as social as humans. Our existence relies on each other in so many different ways. Everyone has their own unique role in this world, like a cog in a big machine. We depend on each other not only for work services, but we depend on each other socially. Loneliness is a real and serious problem that we feel at both mental and physical levels.

Even though it might seem that today’s technology keeps separating us, that sometimes is not the case. The internet is currently one of the best ways to meet and interact with new people. Another important ability the internet offers is the ability to hear so many different things from various people. This ability is utilized the best in a genre that can not be matched, podcast. The modern tech culture yields this very new and never-before-seen way of hearing something insightful.

Everyone Can Get Into It

To understand the vital role of podcasts in modern tech culture, one must understand how easy it is to start one. Not only is it easy to start one, but if you check this link, you can see that you can also easily monetize a podcast. The ease of starting and getting monetary benefits are just some of the reasons why podcasts are so popular. Of course, the quality can not be as high as it goes at the start because of the equipment costs.

But the interesting thing is that people really enjoy such genuine lower-budget podcasts. Many people find themselves in the same situation and want to support such people. There are only a few people who can afford a whole room with proper sound isolation and expensive mics. We as more common people like to see people in the same circumstances try doing something new. That feeling of unity is something podcasts bring as a unique part of modern tech culture.

The Stories

Physical equipment and starting out is, who would have guessed it, just the start of podcasts. The core that everyone wants to get out of podcasts is interesting stories from real people. Reading books is one way of getting some personal stories and peeking into someone’s life. That platform has its own benefits, and so do podcasts have their own benefits. In books, you can only get so much out of them, especially if the writer is long gone.

In podcasts, you can hear more relatable stories from people that are still here. People in podcasts interact with each other, and it is like having more writers in a book. In a book that would be quite chaotic, but in podcasts, it is what makes them alive.  This new way of consuming media is refreshing, and it is only possible with this modern tech culture. This irreplaceable way of storytelling is a form of media that will have its place in history.

The Effects are Already Here

The impact of podcasts is already all around us. As people’s voices have the ability to be heard by many people now, people are ready to talk more. The fact that so many people can talk online about some topics shows something. It shows people that they are not alone, and they can talk to other people in person about certain topics. We can see so many people now being more open-minded about topics from niche interests to mental health.

It would be objectively wrong to say that it does not create a platform for close-minded people. Unfortunately, they also get a much bigger audience for spreading an ideology that can hurt people. Nothing comes in this world for free, but that should not halt the influx of good progress. With time, this new and exciting media will balance itself, as it is already happening.

Role of Podcast in the Modern Tech

Many people have a tendency to sway modern culture as something that does not exist. It is sometimes really easy to look at the future and think how it was all better before. But is that truly the case that there is no modern culture? This question is too big to answer in such a short explanation as a segment on podcasts.

Podcasts are definitely one of the pheromones that will be a part of this 21st-century culture. The current pandemic was a big catalyst that had a role in making this a stronger case. It is not rare at all these days to find someone who listened to a podcast in the near past. Podcasts are still something very young yet so full of potential that should not be overshadowed by prejudice.

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