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How to Install Amazon Prime Video on Toshiba Smart TV

You can install Amazon Prime Video app on Toshiba Smart TV and start watching all your favourite movies and Amazon Originals on your TV.

Key Highlights

  • Installation: Get the Amazon Prime Video app from the respective app store on your Toshiba Smart TV [Android TV OS, Fire OS, and VIDAA OS].
  • Activation: Visit to activate Prime Video on Toshiba TV.

This article demonstrates installing the Amazon Prime Video app on all Toshiba Smart TV models. Furthermore, we have explained the steps to activate Prime Video on your Toshiba TV.

How to Get Amazon Prime Video on Toshiba Smart TV

The steps to install Prime Video on a Toshiba Smart TV will vary based on the TV’s operating system.

For Toshiba Android / Google TV

1. Turn on the Toshiba TV and connect it to WiFi.

2. For Android TV, click Apps and open Google Play Store. For Toshiba Google TV, click Apps and select Search for apps and games.

3. Search for Prime Video, select the appropriate app, and click Install.

Get the Prime Video app on Toshiba Android TV

4. Once installed, tap Open to run the app.

Toshiba Fire TV

1. Switch on the Toshiba Fire TV and connect it to WiFi.

2. Go to the Fire TV home page, click Find, and select the Search option.

Hit the Find icon and tap the Search bar on Toshiba Fire TV

3. Search for Prime Video using the on-screen keypad and select the app.

4. Click Get or Download to begin the installation.

Toshiba VIDAA TV

If you have a Toshiba VIDAA TV, you can get Prime Video by visiting the VEWD Store or VIDAA App Store.

1. Power on the Toshiba VIDAA TV and connect it to the internet.

2. Go to the home page and click the App Store or VEWD icon.

3. Hit the Search icon, type Prime Video, and search for the app.

4. Choose Prime Video from the suggestions and tap Install.

How to Activate Amazon Prime Video on Toshiba Smart TV

You can activate Prime Video on Toshiba Smart TV in two different ways.

Scan QR Code

1. Run the Prime Video app, click Sign In, and tap Scan QR code.

2. Grab your phone, launch the Camera app, and scan the QR code.

3. Tap the scanned link. It will open the Prime Video app.

4. Click Allow to accept the sign-in prompt on your Toshiba TV.

Prime Video is now activated. Now, you can stream your favorite content.

On the Web

1. Open the Prime Video app, tap Sign In, and select On the Web.

2. Note the activation code and visit from a PC or mobile.

3. Sign in to the Amazon account, enter the code, and click Register Device.

Enter the code and click Register Device

Now, you can stream Prime Video on your Toshiba TV.


Can you cast Prime Video on Toshiba TV?

Yes. If your Toshiba TV has Chromecast built-in, you can cast Prime Video from your phone.

Is it possible to watch Prime Video on older Toshiba TVs?

Yes. By connecting a Prime Video-compatible streaming device to a Toshiba TV, you can get the app and stream its content.

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