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CrackStreams – Watch NFL, NBA, UFC, MLB & More For Free

Looking free a sport streaming site? This article would answer all doubts regarding Crackstreams.

CrackStreams is one of the most popular and free sports streaming services. It has a user base of around 1 Million users. It provides access to stream NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAAB, Boxing, and Formula 1 Live without any fee. Even though the official domain of CrackStreams was shut down, various proxies and mirror sites have emerged with similar interface and feature.

What Happened to Crackstreams? Is Crackstreams Shut Down?

It is still live. However, it operates under various proxies and domain names. Therefore, the legitimacy of the sites is yet to be confirmed.

Crackstreams was quite popular among NFL, NBA, and UFC fans. When it rose to popularity, official sports bodies started to file anti-piracy lawsuits against CrackStream’s website. Consequently, the service and its servers were shut down on March 19, 2021.

The service was stopped permanently. After that, plenty of proxied links was still able to stream.

Is Crackstreams Legal?

No. Crackstreams is not an legal one to watch on your device. As it streams popular sporting events for free, you may end up facing legal issues while accessing the site. Even though, you can hide your identity with the help of a VPN, it is not legal to stream.

Crackstreams Site Design

The homepage of Crackstreams opens with a dark theme, and the font selection was good. It had a uniform font size for headings and content. Also, the font color was not entirely white, but it had a hint of grey that contrasted well with the dark theme.

The header section had the CrackStreams logo on the top left and a horizontal navigation bar. Explicitly, it had a search bar on the right.

The content area was divided into two-column. The left side column has neatly stacked material cards with the sports logo on the left and the sports label on the right. The ride sidebar has content related to CrackStreams.

On the bottom of the page, you can find links to stream each sports category.

Landing page of CrackStreams

User Experience

The design seemed to be old school by the standards set by bootstrap and material design libraries. However, the website did not lag much on usability and navigation. However, the large material cards were easy to read. Despite that, the placement of buttons and sizes were also very good in fact.

How to Watch Crackstreams on Smartphone & PC

1 – Open the official Crackstreams webpage on your web browser.

2 – Choose the Sports tile you want.

3 – All the events related to the selected sports will appear on the page.

4 – Choose the event you want.


5 – Click on the Play button and stream the event on your device.

How to Watch Crackstreams on Firestick

1 – Turn on your Firestick and head to the Search section under the Find menu.

Search for Firestick Browser

2 – Enter Silk Browser and tap on it.

Search for Silk Browser

3 – Select the browser and hit the Download button.

Download Silk Browser to Stream Crackstreams

4 – Click on the Open button to launch the browser.


5 – Head to the URL section and type the official website of Crackstreams.

Enter the URL

6 – The homepage of Crackstreams will open on the screen. Select and play the sporting event you want.

CrackStreams on Firestick


Here are the few sites that offers features and functions similar to Crackstreams:

SportSurge – It is a free sports streaming site that provides access to UFC, NFL, MLB, NBA, and Football in HD quality. Apart from live streaming, you can also find other information like schedule, results and more.

VIPRow Sports – It is familiar among the people who loves to streams sports without any fee. With a simple interface, it provides access to Basketball, Boxing, Tennis, Football and much more.

FirstRowSports – It is the one stop destination to watch the live broadcast and stream of any sport. You don’t need to register or sign up for any subscription to stream the content.

Stream2Watch – It is another perfect alternative for Crackstreams. Right from the home page, you can find the streaming link for all the sports and events you want.

For more sites, visit our dedicated guide on Crackstreams alternatives.

Crackstreams Review

Even though Crackstreams is free to watch sporting events, it lacks some of the sports like Cricket, Golf, Horse Racing and more. On the other hand, the legality of the website adds another disadvantage to the website. Those who want to stream Crackstreams must use a good VPN to hide their identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cracksteams safe?

It is not safe to use. As they are known to stream copyrighted content, it is not safe to use on any device.

Is it possible to watch RedZone on CrackStreams?

Yes. Look for the NFL logo in the material cards stacked on the main screen. Open it and look out for the RedZone category.

Does Crackstream offer any app to download on Android devices?

No. Crackstream is accessible only through the website and you can’t find any app or apk file to install on Android or Android-based devices.

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