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How to Add Approximately Equal Symbol on Windows & Mac

Try using these shortcuts to add Approximately Equal symbol on Windows and Mac PC.

An Approximate symbol is a mathematical function that is used to indicate two components are approximately equal to one another. It is mainly used to make an estimate or round a number instead of using many digits. The Approximately equal symbol is identified by squiggly equal sign (≈). This sing denotes the two expressions are almost the same but not exactly equal. There are different ways to add the Approximately equal symbol on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Different Methods to Add Approximately Equal Symbol

Windows keyboard doesn’t contain the Approximately equal symbol key and hence, you can go with the alternative ways to insert the it

  • Copy and Paste.
  • Using Keyboard shortcut.
  • Using Character Map.
  • From Insert Symbol Dialog box.
  • Using Auto correct option.

Also, take a look at the Common Keyboard Keys which might be useful for everyone.

How to Add Approximately Equal Symbol by Copy and Paste?

Copy and Paste is the simple and quickest way to insert the Approximately Equal sign on your text. All you need to do is to search for the Approximately Equal on the web, copy and paste it into your document.

Here is the Approximately symbol: ≈

How to Add Approximately Equal Symbol using Keyboard Shortcuts?

This method is also called an Alt code method because you need to use the Alt key to insert the symbol. Press and hold the Alt key followed by press the appropriate code to insert the Approximately Equal Symbol in your text.

(1) To begin with open the Word document, Excel, or PowerPoint on your Windows computer.

(2) Next place the insertion pointer where you want to insert the symbol.

(3) Press and hold the Alt key and press the code 247.

Add Approximately Equal to Symbol

(4) Now release the Alt key. The Approximately Equal Symbol (≈) is added to your document.

Note: If you using Windows Laptop with the numeric keypads hidden within the existing alphabetical keys, press the Fn + Number lock key to enable it. Now follow the above procedure to insert Approximately Equal Symbol.

How to Add Approximately Equal Sign using the Character Map?

(1) Click the Start button and type Character Map in the search field.

(2) Select the Character map from the search result and open it.

(3) The Character Map dialog box will open with several options. Scroll down and click on the Advanced View checkbox.

(4) Type Almost Equal in the search for test box. An Approximately Equal sign will appear on the Character Map.

(5) Now click symbol (≈) and then click copy.

Open the Word document or Excel and paste the Symbol wherever you want.

How to Add Approximately Equal to Sign using Insert Menu

(1) First open the document on your Windows computer.

(2) Click on Insert menu on the toolbar and click the Symbols Dropdown option.

Click Insert

(3) Next click More Symbols and select SubSet drop down icon.

Select More Symbols

(4) Scroll down the options and select Mathematical Operators from the list.

Choose Mathematical Operators

(5) It will display various mathematical symbols, select ≈ symbol, and click insert to add the symbol to your text.

Add Approximately Equal to symbol on Windows

(6) After that, click Close to exit the dialog box.

How to Add Approximately Equal to Sign using AutoCorrect?

In this method, you will be able to assign a shortcut to your symbols. Whenever you type the shortcut text, the auto-correct option will automatically replace the text with the appropriate symbol. You can assign any code which is convenient for you and there are no restrictions.

(1) Click the Insert menu in the toolbar and select symbols drop down option.

(2) Again select Symbols followed by choose More symbols option.

(3) Now click the Subset drop down icon and select Mathematical Operators option.

(4) Select the ≈ symbol and click the AutoCorrect tab at the bottom of the dialog box.

Click AutoCorrect

(5) It will open the Autocorrect dialog box. Here enter the shortcut code (Auto=) for the Symbol in the Replace field and click Add and then click OK.

Add Approximately Equal to symbol on Windows

That’s it, the Shortcut code (Auto=) for Approximately Equal Symbol is added. Hereafter when you type Auto=, it will automatically change to Approximately Equal Symbol (≈).

How to Add Approximately Equal Symbol on Mac?

(1) Open the document which you need to add the symbol.

(2) Click on the document where you want to insert the ≈ symbol.

(3) Now press the Option + X key simultaneously to insert the Add Approximately Equal sign in the text.

Add Approximately Equal to symbol on Mac

You can use this keyboard shortcut to add the Add Approximately Equal sign anywhere in the Mac device.

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The above are the most used ways to add an approximately equal sign on your Windows and Mac devices. Are you still facing any issues? Ask us in the comments section below.

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