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How to Block Ads on Apple TV | 2 Simple Ways

Block the ads to enjoy your favourite shows or movies on tvOS to the fullest..

tvOS has revolutionized TV streaming in recent years. It is not only a remarkable invention from Apple but is also the costliest. With Apple TV, you will get the picture-perfect streaming experience. While tvOS has been witnessing an increasing number of support from the users, it does hold lots of ads too. Apple by default monitors your search and reading history to provide ads in Apple Store and Apple News. In addition to this, lots of tvOS compatible apps also bring you ads. As a result, tvOS users will probably end up watching those annoying ads and waste a minute or two. Fortunately, Apple itself has provided an option to block ads on Apple TV. If you aren’t informed about it previously, then we will help you deal with it.

How to Block Ads on Apple TV?

The steps given below will instantly block ads on your Apple TV.

(1). Power on your Apple TV using remote or Siri.

(2). Navigate to Settings and select General.

Select General
Select General

(3). Click on Privacy option.

(4). Under Advertising, tap on Limit Ad Tracking to turn it on.

Highlight LimitAd Tracking-Block Ads on Apple TV
Highlight LimitAd Tracking

Note: This will block all the interest-based ads provided by Apple on your tvOS. This doesn’t mean that you will receive fewer ads. You will still get the same number of ads that are less relevant.

Alternative Way!

With the above method, you will still get ads that aren’t relevant. If you want to block all the ads on Apple tvOS, then it is better to opt for an ad blocker app. Get Adblock TV app on tvOS to watch videos without any ads. It is available for Apple TV officially at $3.99 and guarantees ad-free experience 24/7. So, you will be able to stream your favorite shows and movies without any interruptions. The app doesn’t seem to gain positive reviews, and as the choices of adblocker apps on Apple TV is very less, give it a try and decide for yourself.

Our Opinion

Blocking interest-based ads is simple and handy from Apple TV settings. A lot of apps offers an ad-free option at a subscription price. Instead of paying for the individual apps for an ad-free subscription, tvOS users can pay for Adblock TV. This seems to be an affordable option to stay away from all the annoying ads while streaming on your Apple TV.

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