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Cookie Clicker Cheat Codes | How to Use Them

Cheat codes to play the Cookie Clicker game easily.

A cookie clicker is an idle game(incremental) played by many users online using a browser and the app. The game’s main goal is to increase your cookie count and build more buildings to make more cookies. If you are tired of increasing your cookie count with the mouse, you can use the cheat codes to make the Cookie Clicker game interesting. Apart from increasing the cookie count, you can also use cheat codes for other functions.

How to Use Cookie Clicker Cheat Code While Playing

1: Open a web browser. Visit the Cookie clicker website and start earning cookies.

To open the source inspector window

2: Open the website’s source inspector by using the keyboard shortcuts.

  • Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + J or F12 key. Command + Option+ J on Mac.
  • Microsoft Edge: Ctrl + Shift + J or F12 key.
  • Internet Explorer: F12
  • Safari (Mac): Command + Option + C or right-click and select the Inspect option.
  • Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + K on Windows and Ctrl + Option + K on Mac.

3: After opening the source inspector window, select the Console tab.

Steps to insert cookie clicker cheat codes

4: Inside the console tab, type the cookie clicker cheat codes and hit the Enter key.

5: Upon hitting the key, the cheat code will be activated.

6: If you wanna save your hacked game process, press the Ctrl + S keys. To import your saved process, select OptionsImport Save on the game and select your saved file.

  • Game.Earn(99999999) – Using this code, you can get add any number of Cookies to your game.
  • Game.RuinTheFun(); – It will let you open every upgrade and building in your games. It also adds cookies to your game account.
  • Game.cookies=number – Using this code, you can increase or decrease the cookie count in your game by just entering a number.
  • Game.cookies=Infinity; – Changes your cookie count to infinity.
  • Game.cookies=0 – Changes your cookie count to zero.
  • Game.cookiesPs=number – Increases the number of cookies per second.
  • Game.lumps=number – Changes your sugar lump count to the number you enter.
  • Game.SesameReset(); – Enter this code to reset your game.

These are some of the basic cheat codes that will help you by giving a boost to your gaming campaign. In the Cookie Clicker game, it is important to know when to ascend. Visit our Cookie Clicker ascension guide to find the right time to ascend.

Cookie Click Cheat Codes

Cheat CodeFunction
Game.CalculateGains();Calculate gains
Game.BuildAscendTree();Build Ascend tree
Game.mousePointer=0;Replace your mouse pointer
Game.AscendTimer=<time>;Change the ascend timer
Game.milkProgress = <milk amount>;Updates your milk progress
Game.Milk = <amount>;Replace the milk of your choice
Game.buyBulk=<1/10/100>;Change your X# buy amount
Game.computedMouseCps=<mouse cookies per second amount>;Change your mouse clicks per second
Game.computedMouseCps;Compute Mouse clicks per second
Game.Has(‘<achievement name>’);Check achievements
Game.DebugUpgradeCpS();Debug upgrades the clicks per second
Game.DebuggingPrestige=false;Debug prestige
Game.cookies/=1000;Game.cookiesEarned/=1000;Help you earn 1k cookies
Game.gainLumps(<amount of lumps>);Helps you get 10 + lumps
Game.GetAllDebugs();Get all debug
Game.LoadSave(local);Load local save
Game.MaxSpecials();Max your specials
Game.LoadSave();Import saved game file
Game.killShimmers();Helps you to remove all Shimmers
Game.bakeryNameRefresh();It refreshes your bakery name
Game.SesameReset();This will reset your game process to null
Game.popups=0;Clears the pop-up notifications
Game.buyBulk=Game.buyBulkOld;Reset X# buy amount
Game.sesame=0;To turn on/off your sesame
Game.localStorageGet(Game.SaveTo);Save your game process
Game.santaLevel=<level>;Help you to fix your desired Santa level
Game.dragonLevel=<level>;Helps you set the dragon level
Game.Earn(<cookie amount>);Change your cookie count
Game.bakeryName=”<bakery name>”;Change your bakery name
Timer.track(‘milk’);Keep track of the milk timer
Game.cookiesPs=<cookies per second amount>;Helps customize your cps
Game.Achievements[‘<achievement name>’].won=1;Unlocks specific achievements
Game.debugTimersOn=0;Turn on/off debug timers
Game.SetAllAchievs(1);Opens all the achievements
Game.particlesUpdate();Updates your particles

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hack the Cookie clicker game on mobile?

To hack the Cookie clicker game on mobile, turn off Set automatic time and change the date to the future. By doing this, you can skip time in the game and increase more cookies in seconds.

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