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How to Create PSN Account [PlayStation Network]

Got your new PlayStation Console? Let us create a PlayStation Network Account.

Playstation is a gaming console by Sony. You need to connect it to home WiFi or Ethernet to play games online. Also, you can download the latest games for your console. If you want, you can pre-order the new games and special editions of existing games with Playstation Exclusives. You need to sign up for or create a Playstation Network account (PSN Account) to enjoy incredible games on your PS5, PS4, and PS3. You can also add your friends to your PlayStation consoles and other connected devices.

Types of PlayStation Network Account

There are two types of PlayStation Network accounts available. They are Master Account and Sub Account.

Master Account

A master account is the standard account where you can buy and play games without any restrictions. To create a master account, you need to be 18 and above.

Sub Account

A sub-account is for children. Children of a certain age can use this account. You can’t have an independent sub-account in PlayStation. You need a master account to create a sub-account. For payment and other controls, the sub-account user needs a confirmation from the linked master account.

Essential Things to Sign Up for a PSN Account

To create a new PSN account, you need to have certain things without fail. They are,

Date of Birth: This is for security purposes. Make sure that you are entering your correct DOB, as it can’t be changed.

Country or Region: This is to get personalized recommendations and local content. For instance, if your choose UK or Canada while creating the PSN account, you will get content and language related to UK or Canada. As PlayStation is available around the world in Japan, Australia, the Philippines, Turkey, the USA, and Asian countries, you need to choose the country aptly when creating the account.

Language: The language you choose here will appear on the console. For some languages, you will get emails from PlayStation based on the language you choose.

Email ID: This is the most important thing in creating a PSN account. Your email ID is your PSN ID. When you forget the credentials, you need to verify your account with your email ID. Using one email ID, you can create one PSN account. You can create a new PSN account with the same email.

Password: We recommend a strong password mixed with numbers, special characters, capital letters, small letters, and symbols.

Name: This may be your real name or your nickname. This name will appear on the Friends list.

Address: Enter your real-time address for security concerns. Sometimes, you need to verify your geo-locations.

Once you create an online PlayStation ID, you cannot change it in the future. It will remain forever and links to your email ID, which you used to create a PSN ID.

How to Create PSN Account Using PC

Using a PC is the easiest way to create a PlayStation account. The navigation and keyboard usage is the best when using a PC. If you want to create a PSN account without a PS4 or PS5 console, you can follow the below steps.

1: Open the web browser on your Windows or Mac PC.

2: Go to the PlayStation account creation website.

3: Click the Create button.

Click the Create button

4: The first information you are going to provide is the DOB. Enter your date of birth and click the Next button.

Create PSN Account on Sony website

5: Then, choose your Country/Region and Language.

Enter Country

6: Enter your email address and a strong password on the next screen.

Email ID and password to Create PSN Account

7: On the next screen, choose your residential address.

Enter address

8: Then, pick up an Online ID from the suggestions or enter a new one. Then, enter your First Name and Second Name.

Enter Online ID to Create PSN Account

Note: The online ID should be unique. You can’t pick an existing ID.

9: Specify if you want to receive emails and notifications on the console. Then, click the Agree and Create Account button.

Click Agree and Create Account

Note: After submitting the mail ID, you will get a verification mail. Click on the link to verify your email.

Verify your email

10: If you have any mismatches, you will get an alert.

Enter correct information

11: Rectify it to get the account creation verified screen.

12: Click the OK button to get the PlayStation Sign In screen.

Account created successfully

13: Sign in to your PlayStation account and make the necessary changes.

How to Create PSN Account Using PS5 Console

If you have the PS5 console, you can directly create an account. If you already have a PSN account on the PS4 console, you can use the same account on PS5 without losing any credits.

1: On your PlayStation 5 console, go to the Profile menu.

2: Go to the Switch User option and click the Add User button.

Create PSN Account on PS5

3: If you have an account, click the Sign In button and sign in with the credentials. If you want to create a new PlayStation Network account, click the Get Started button.

Click Get Started

4: Read all the license agreements and tick the I Agree box. Then, tap the Confirm button.

5: On the next screen, enter the email ID and password.

Note: You can also scan the QR code on your smartphone to create a PSN account.

6: Enter all the necessary information and click the Next button.

7: After submitting all the information, verify your email ID.

8: Now, you can play all the games on your PS5 console.

How to Sign Up or Create PSN Account Using PS4 Console

1: Turn on your PlayStation Console and connect it to the internet.

2: Now, press the PS button and select the New User option.

Create PSN Account using PS4

3: Select Create a User option.

4: Click Next from the terms and condition screen.

5: On the next screen, you need to choose New to PlayStation Network? Create an Account option.

Sign up for PlayStation Network

6: Then click Sign Up Now option.

 Sign Up Now option

7: Enter your Email address (sign-in ID) and password. After that, click Next.

Enter signup requirements

8: Here, you have to select an Avatar. You can change it any time later.

Select Avatar

9: Now, you enter your Online ID (nickname) and your original Name, then click Next.

Sign up for PlayStation Network

10: On the next screen, you are required to provide your profile picture and your name with your Facebook information.

11: Now, you should set your privacy settings.

Set Privacy settings

12: Click Accept from the Terms of service and user agreement screen.

Create PSN Account

How to Create PSN Account on PS3 Console

In May 2022, Sony announced that older consoles like PlayStation 3 and Vita couldn’t be used to create a new PSN account. As the consoles are getting older, you can only use the existing PSN account. The feature to create an account on PS3 and Vita consoles is removed. If you have an existing PSN account, you can use the credentials to sign in to the PS3 and Vita consoles.

That’s it. Your PlayStation Network sign-up process is successfully completed. PlayStation is one of the best gaming consoles that also offer free games so that you can play games without opening your wallet. Two new games are uploaded every month to the PlayStation Store. Having created your PlayStation Network account (PSN Account), you now have no bounds for gaming.


1. Are PlayStation Network accounts free?

Yes, you can create PlayStation Network for free.

2. Can I set up a PSN account for a child?

Yes, you can create a Sub Account for your child.

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