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How to Block Someone on Messenger in just 2 Minutes

Block annoying people on Facebook Messenger app and stay away from unwanted tensions.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms across the globe. It is a one-stop place where you can connect with your friends. You can chat with your Facebook friends and make video and voice calls as well. If you are using the Facebook app, then the app suggests you install the Facebook Messenger app to chat with your Facebook friends. Like all chat apps, if someone is sending inappropriate messages or annoying you on messenger, then you can block them on the Messenger app. You can easily block someone on Messenger with simple steps.

How to block someone on Facebook Messenger?

You can install the messenger app on your Android and iPhone using Google Play Store and App Store. Follow the steps below to block someone on Messenger:

(1) Open the Messenger app on your Android or iPhone.

(2) Tap on your Profile icon on the top left corner of your app.

Click on your profile icon

(3) Scroll down and tap on the “People” option under Preference section.

Tap on people option

(4) You will find three options. Click on the “Blocked People” option.

click on blocked people option

(5) Tap on the Add Someone option to add the people to blocked section.

(6) The list of people you have chatted with will appear. You can also search the person from your friends list as well.

Tap on the person to block on messenger

(7) There will be two options: Block on Messenger and Block on Facebook. If you want to block the person only on Messenger, click on the first option. If you want to block the person on your Facebook account, click on the second option.

How to Block Someone on Messenger

(8) If you click on the first option, a pop-up will appear. Click on the “Block” option.

How to Block Someone on Messenger

Alternative Method

You can also block a person by visiting his chat page.

(1) Open the chat of the person whom you want to block on the app.

(2) Click on their profile icon.

Tap on profile icon

(3) Scroll down and click on the “Block” option.

Click on block

(4) Like step 7 on previous method, it will ask two different option. Choose either Block on Messenger option or block on Facebook option.

How to Block Someone on Messenger

(5) A pop-up will appear. Click on the “Block” option.

How to Block Someone on Messenger

Our Opinion

By following the above method, you can block someone. Facebook provides two options for you. You can either block a person only on Messenger or block them on messenger and Facebook. By blocking them on Facebook and Messenger, they will not be able to message you and at the same time, that person will be unfriended on your account.

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