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How to Breed Horses in Minecraft [Tricks]

Improve your horse stats by breeding it regularly on Minecraft.

In Minecraft, it is beneficial to know how to breed horses in case anything happens to your horse while you’re travelling. It also improves the stats of horses, so that the performance of the newer ones will be improved drastically. If you’re new to Minecraft, here is the guide to show how to breed a new horse.

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft?

Things you need

The following things are required to breed horses in Minecraft:

  • Golden apples – 2
  • Horses – 2
  • Golden carrots – 2
  • Enhanced golden apples – 2

You can find apples through random drops from the Oaktree and carrots from the zombie drops or village farms.

How to breed horses on minecraft

Find Two Horses

If you want to breed more horses, you need to find at least two horses. You can find horses from the Plain or Savannah biomes. While breeding, your horses need to be close together. It also lets you built a fence and keeps your horses from running away.

Type of Horse

Stats and Appearance

You have to consider two things while breeding horses in Minecraft:

  • In Minecraft, horses come in 7 different colours and 5 different marking patterns. Hence, you need to find the horses which have the same colour and pattern.
  • The second thing is that the physical abilities and appearance varies from one horse to another. The variation includes movement speed, health and jumping height.

Click the Stats and Appearance section to make sure that you have selected the right ones.

Did You know? You can play Minecraft on Chromebook as well but you have to enable Linux on Chromebook.

Tame the Parents

Your horses need to be tamed properly before breeding. In Minecraft, you can’t breed two wild horses and a tame horse will not breed with the wild horse. Make a fence around the horses and make sure that they are fully fed and close to each other. If the horses roam apart, breeding will not work.

Tame the Parents

Feed them Food

Feed each horse with two golden apples or two golden carrots. Equip with the right food item and trigger the desired animal to feed them. Upon doing this, love hearts will appear above the animal. When two horses have hearts above them, they will enter into love mode and commence the breeding.

How to breed horses on minecraft

After a few seconds, you will see a small horse in the enclosure. This is the foal created by the two horses. The resulted foal will be in the same colour as Parent A or Parent B.

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