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How to Perform an Advanced Search on Twitter

With advanced search, Twitter will tailor the search result and bring specific Tweets.

Twitter is one among the top social networking app to follow and gather details about the things that you find interesting. It is the source of information as it brings the latest happenings as news from all over the world. You will be able to stay up-to-date with local to world news, politics, sports and entertainment news. Twitter supports the following people, celebrities, influencers, and more. Besides tweeting and posting, you can search on Twitter. It is a useful feature to find the required tweets from millions of Tweets. Twitter has gone a step ahead and included advanced search. With this, you will be able to find Tweets at a faster rate. Moreover, advanced search on Twitter will bring you the search contents you are searching for. Find out more information about Advanced Search on Twitter from here.


How to Use Advanced Search on Twitter?

You can find what you are looking for exactly in search of the advanced search on Twitter.

(1) Launch Twitter on your device.

(2) On the search bar, enter your search.

(3) Choose Search filters from the top of the result page.

Advanced Search on Twitter

(4) Select Advanced search option.

Enter keyterm and search

Alternative: Select More options on the result page and then choose Advanced search.

More option
Advanced Search on Twitter

(5) Enter the details on the appropriate fields to refine your search on Twitter.

Advanced Search on Twitter

(6) Click on Search to get the advanced search results.

Tips to Refine Advanced Search!

Try having all the below combination while using advanced search.

Under Words

Advanced search for words can be done for

  • Tweets with all the words, exact phrases, any words, specific words, specific language and specific hashtags.

Under People

Advanced search for people can be done for

  • Tweets from specific account, reply to specific account, tweets that mention specific account.

Under Places

Advanced search for places can be done for

  • Tweets sent from geographic location like specific city, state, and country.

Under Dates

Advanced search for date can be done for

  • Tweets send before and after the specific date or withing the date range.

Tip! Twitter users can advanced search by entering in multiple fields.

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That’s all about how to use advanced search on Twitter. You can follow the tips if you want to refine the advanced search.

Try an advanced search and share us your experience as comments. Follow our Twitter and Facebook page for more such useful article updates.

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