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How to Cancel Ambetter Insurance [Easy Ways]

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  • Cancel Via Phone Call: Open the Ambetter Health website → Tap Select Your State → Choose your location → Get the Phone number → Contact Customer Support to cancel the insurance.
  • Cancel Using Mail: Open the Ambetter Health website → Tap Select Your State → Fill out the cancellation form → Mail it to the support team.

Ambetter Health provides better insurance plans that have many benefits at affordable prices. Though Ambetter provides a variety of insurance plans, you may have a legitimate reason to cancel it. Maybe you believe that you are paying too much for Insurance, or you are moving out to a state where Ambetter is unavailable, or you are not satisfied with the service provided by Ambetter. But before canceling, you should have an alternative plan to avoid the risk of not being insured.

You will not find any option to cancel the insurance plan on the Ambetter website or the app. You must contact customer service via phone or email to cancel their service. If you are facing any difficulties while canceling the Ambetter insurance plan, go through this article to learn how to cancel it. However, canceling an insurance policy is not advisable; you should have a contingency plan to avoid risks.

How to Cancel Ambetter Insurance via Phone Call

1. Go to the Ambetter Insurance website on your phone.

2. On the top of the page, tap Select Your State to change the location. Ambetter operates in various locations. You need to choose your location to get your region’s contact number.

Tap on Select Your State to Obtain Contact Details

3. I have selected New York as my location and dial 1-888-343-3547 from your mobile phone.

4. You must wait a few minutes for the representative to answer the call. Prepare all the required details, such as the policy number, Date of Birth, the reason for cancellation, etc., before you dial.

5. Provide the member ID and tell the last four digits of your social security number to the executive.

6. After you have provided all the required information, the executive will proceed with your cancellation request.

7. The customer care executive will send you the mail to ensure the confirmation. Verify the email to confirm your cancellation request.

8. Don’t forget to keep a note of the executive’s name, time, and date of call you have made for future reference.

How to Cancel Ambetter Insurance Using Mail

1. Go to the official website of Ambetter Insurance.

2. Click Select Your State at the top of the page and choose your location.

3. In this article, I have selected New York as my location. Now, Ambetter will direct you to its client’s website at the selected location. Each state will have a different client website.

Client Website of Ambetter Health in New York

4. Login using the member ID and password.

5. After you have logged in, select and fill in the details on the cancellation page.

6. Complete the form carefully without any faults to ensure the smooth functioning of your cancellation request without any delay.

7. Ask for a revocation email after filling out the form and keep that revocation email as evidence for the cancellation.

8. Select Submit once you have mentioned all the necessary details.

9. Be patient and wait for a few days to receive a confirmation email from Ambetter Health.

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1. Does Ambetter work in South Carolina?

Yes, Ambetter operates in various states, including South Carolina. You can take insurance policies from Ambetter in South Carolina under their client, Absolute Total Care.

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