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How to Cancel AAA Membership [Quick Guide]

Cancel the AAA Membership and prevent the auto-renewal of membership with a phone call

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  • To Cancel AAA Membership: Visit the AAA website site → Sign inMy AccountsCancel Provide InformationSubmit Delete Profile Done.

AAA (American Automobile Association) is an organization that offers membership for roadside assistance and car insurance policies. Also, you can get various discounts and offers on car rental, cellular service, and vacation packages in the AAA platform. Instead, there are many reasons for canceling the AAA membership, like poor service or high cost. Whatever the reason, if you are a member of AAA with need to cancel your AAA membership, then you can cancel it through convenient and simple procedures.

How to Cancel AAA Membership on Website

1. Visit the official website for AAA ( on your browser.

2. Complete the Sign In process using the credentials.


3. Tap on the My Accounts option on the top-right.


4. Select the Cancel option and provide the details for canceling the membership.

5. Click on Submit button and confirm it to cancel the AAA membership.

How to Cancel AAA Membership Using Phone Call

1. Make a call to the service number 1-800-222-4357 on your phone.

Contact the AAA service team

2. On the Voice menu, select Membership Services.

3. Then choose the Membership Questions to get in touch with a customer support team.

4. Provide your account info and request for the cancelation of your AAA membership.

5. Confirm the cancelation, and your canceling progress will be initiated.

Note: The Support team will assist you from Monday to Friday between (7 AM to 9 AM) and Saturday & Sunday (7 AM to 7 PM).

How Do I Cancel AAA Auto-Renewal Process

To restrict the auto-renewal process on your AAA membership, you can cancel it through a phone call by simply following the above method or by using the online website.

1. Go to the AAA official website using any web browser on your PC or Smartphone.

2. Complete the sign-in process using the credentials.

3. Click on My Accounts and select the Manage Renewal option.

4. Choose your membership and tap on Turn Off Automatic Renewal.

5. Confirm the process, and your auto-renewal will be stopped.


Do I get a refund after canceling the AAA membership?

If the AAA member cancels their membership within 30 days of the renewal date, they are applicable to receive a refund. But remember the entrance fees will not be refunded.

Does AAA charge cancellation fees?

Don’t worry. AAA does not charge any kind of cancelation fee while canceling the membership.

How to cancel AAA roadside assistance?

You can cancel the roadside assistance using a phone call to the support team (1-800-922-8228).

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