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How to Cancel Curology Subscription [2 Ways]

Cancel your subscription, if you are not using your membership anymore.

Curology is one of the popular application that takes care of your Skin. It is an online service that gives you one-to-one consultations and treatment for your skin. Curology allows you to add selfies and answer a few quizzes to get treatment for your skin. Instead of visiting doctors, you can get your consultation in a click with the Curology app. You can start your free trial on Curology if you a new user. After a month of a free trial, you can subscribe to the premium service. If you are a premium member and not using the app anymore, then it is better to cancel your subscription. Curology allows you to easily cancel your subscription.

How to Cancel Curology Subscription?

Curology allows you to pause your subscription as well. If you are taking a break, you can pause your membership instead of canceling, which will postpone the next shipment. If you are canceling your membership, then the next shipment will be canceled.

Follow the steps below to cancel your membership:

1. Open a browser and go to Curology website.

2. Login with your username and password.

How to Cancel Curology subscription

3. Click on your profile icon and choose the payments option. You can also click this link directly to go to the payment page.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the payment page and click on the “I want to Cancel” button.

5. The cancellation process will start now. You will find a set of questions on why you are cancelling this subscription. Follow the entire process and cancel your membership.

6. Finally, you will get a confirmation pop-up. Confirm your action to cancel your subscription.

Alternative Method

You can also send a mail to the support team to cancel your subscription. Send the mail from your registered email address with the reason for cancelling.

After cancelling, you will receive a mail from Curology as a confirmation.

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Wrapping Up

If you are no longer using Curology, it is better to cancel the subscription. If you not wish to cancel the subscription, you can pause it anytime. By pausing the subscription, your next order will get postponed. After cancelling, you can again subscribe to the premium anytime.

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