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How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on PS4 [PlayStation 4]

Install Amazon Prime Video on PS4 console and watch your favorite content in HD format.

Looking for an app to get non-stop entertainment? Amazon Prime Video is the best application that will keep you entertained with its unlimited content. In Prime video, you can watch the latest Movies, TV Shows, Series, Stand-up Comedies, Documentaries, and much more. You can watch all the content in HD format with minimal data, and it also lets you download the titles for offline streaming. The Prime Video is available in many countries in different languages with subtitles support. Besides that, you can stream it on all streaming devices. In this post, we have shown the steps to install and stream the Amazon Prime video on the PS4 (PlayStation 4) gaming console.

How to Get Amazon Prime Video on PS4

The Prime Video is available on the PlayStation Store. So it is very easy to install it on your PlayStation. Before getting into the installation, you need to create a new user account and subscribe to the Prime Video package. To do so, visit the Prime video official page and sign up for it. Once done with the subscription, you can follow the below steps.

[1] You need to plug our PS4 into the HDMI port of your TV and connect it to a good internet connection.

[2] Select the PlayStation Store on the home screen and choose the TV & Video section.

Navigate to Store section to Get Prime Video on PS4

[3] Search for the Prime Video app and select it.

[4] On the app info page, select the Download option to download the app.

Download the app

[5] Once installed, you can click the Start button to launch the Prime Video app on your PS4 console.

Steps to Stream Prime Video on Sony PlayStation 4

[1] Launch the Prime Video app and choose your preferred language. Select the Continue option.

[2] Select the Sign in and Start Watching option and enter your log-in details.

Sign into Prime Video

[3] Once logged in, select Sign in using our secure server and tap the Continue button.

[4] You will get the Prime video app main page. In that, select the content you want and click Watch Now.

Watch Prime Video content on PS4

[5] Now, you can start to watch your favorite content on your TV screen.

Amazon Prime Video Not Working on PS4

In recent times, the Amazon Prime Video app has been a lot of issues. For PS4 users, the app is having some performance issues. If you have any such issues, follow the below fixes.

  • Restart your PS4 console.
  • Check your WiFi connection.
  • Sign out of the Amazon Prime Video app on your PS4 console and sign in again.
  • Update PS4 console to its latest firmware.
  • Reset the PS4 console and try again.

That’s it about installing and streaming the Prime Video on the PS4 console. Some countries may restrict a few contents on Amazon Prime Video. To access them, you need to access a VPN to bypass the geo-restriction. Take a look at our 10 Best VPNs for PS4 consoles to pick the best one. Hope the installation guide has shown the right direction to watch Prime Video on PS4. If you have any queries, drop them in the comment section.


1. Why is Prime Video not working on my PS4?

The Amazon Prime Video app won’t work well on the older version of PS4. Update the PS4 console to resolve the issue.

2. How many devices can you have on Amazon Prime?

With one single Amazon Prime subscription, you can watch video content on three devices.

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