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How to Install Chrome on Xiaomi Mi Box in 4 Ways

Install Chrome on Mi Box and start browsing right from your TV.

Xiaomi Mi Box is a great device to convert your normal TV into a Smart TV. With the help of an internet connection and built-in Play Store, it lets you install several streaming apps. Like other streaming devices, it doesn’t have great support for web browsers. However, you can install browsers on Mi Box since it runs on Android tvOS. Google Chrome is a fast and secure web browser that you can install on Mi Box easily. By installing the Chrome browser on Mi Box, you can browse web pages on the TV. Since Chrome is an important application in day-to-day life, we have added it to the list of best apps for Mi Box.

Note – The following installation guide is applicable to all Mi TV Box variants.

How to Install Chrome on Xiaomi Mi TV Box

Since Chrome browser is officially unavailable for Android tvOS, you need to access the sideloading method. For sideloading, we can use either File Commander or the Downloader app. Apart from that, you can also Send Files to TV app to install the Chrome browser.

Using File Commander

File Commander is a great file manager for Android tvOS devices. By installing this app, you can manage the files stored locally on the Mi TV Box.

1: Open a web browser on your computer and download the latest version of the Chrome apk file. Make sure to download it from trusted sources.

Download Chrome apk file

2: Connect a USB drive to your computer and copy the downloaded file to the TV.

3: Now, visit the Play Store on your MI Box and install the File Commander.

Install File Commander

4: After installing the app, you need to enable the unknown source setting to sideload the browser.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Device Preferences.
  • Select Security & restrictions.
  • Choose Unknown Sources.
  • Head to File Commander and press on it to enable the setting.

5: Now, connect the USB drive to your MI Box and launch the File Commander app.

6: Open your USB drive and head to the location where you have stored the Chrome apk file.

7: Run the file and hit the Install tab.

8: After installing the app, return to the Android TV main screen and open the Play Store again.

Sideload Launcher

9: Search and install the Sideload Launcher app. On Android tvOS devices, you can’t launch the sideloaded apps directly. So, you need the help of Sideload Launcher.

10: Now, launch the Sideload Launcher.

11: Here, you can find all the sideloaded apps along with the Chrome browser.

12: Launch the browser and configure it with your Google account to start browsing the web pages.

Chrome on Mi Box

Note – Since you have sideloaded the apk version of the Chrome browser, you may find it hard to navigate within the browser by using the MI Box remote. Hence, you can install Mouse Toggle on your streaming device to use the browser easily.

Using Downloader App

Instead of File Commander, you can use the Downloader app to install Chrome on Mi Box. Here, you don’t need the help of a USB drive.

1: Head to the Play Store and install the Downloader app on Mi Box.

Downloader on Mi Box

2: After installing the app, enable unknown sources for the Downloader app (SettingsDevice PreferencesSecurity & restrictionsUnknown SourcesDownloader).

3: Open the Downloader app and click Allow to access your Mi Box’s internal storage.

4: In the Search bar, enter the Google Chrome apk’s URL and click on the Go button.

Enter Chrome URL

5: After downloading the Chrome apk file, hit the Install option.

6: Wait for the browser to install on your Mi Box.

7: After installation, return to the main screen and launch the browser with the help of Sideload Launcher.

Using Send File to TV App

Send Files to TV is the best file-sharing app for Android tvOS. With that, you can send media files and apks to your Mi Box from the smartphone. For this method, your Mi Box and smartphone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

1: Install the Send Files To TV app on your smartphone and Mi Box.

2. Then, download the Chrome browser APK on your smartphone.

3. Open the Send Files To TV on your Mi Box and smartphone. Connect both the devices.

install Chrome on Mi Box

4. Share the Chrome apk file from your smartphone to your Mi Box.

5. Then, open the Chrome apk on your Mi Box and install the browser.

6. Now, you can access the Chrome web browser on your Mi Box via Sideload launcher.

Using Aptoide TV

The best way to install the Chrome browser on Mi Box is by using Aptoide TV. It is a third-party app store to install various Android apps on your streaming box. However, you can’t install it directly on the Mi Box. You need to sideload it with the help of the Downloader app (URL –

1: Like the above methods, you need to enable the unknown sources for Aptoide TV (SettingsDevice PreferencesSecurity & restrictionsUnknown SourcesAptoide TV).

2: Launch the Aptoide TV on Mi Box.

install Chrome on Mi Box

3: Head to the Search icon and search for the Chrome browser.

4: Select the Chrome browser and tap on the Install button.

5: Wait for the browser to install and then launch it to browse the web pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chrome browser available for Mi Box?

No. Chrome browser is officially not available for Mi Box or any other Android tvOS devices. However, you can sideload it easily with the help of appropriate tools.

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  1. I was able to install the APK for Chrome and another product but it is rotated on its side in portrait mode. In fact everything in Side-load launcher in is portrait view. How can I rotate to portrait please. Thanks!

    1. Remove the app and install again. Try resetting the entire device, which will fix any changes that are causing the issue.

  2. We received an error messaging stating “we had a problem parsing the package” what does this mean?

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