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How to Find Someone on Discord Without Number

You can add friends on Discord without knowing their username and tag number.

Discord is one of the popular platforms among gamers. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Discord has its features and advantages. You can customize your profile, integrate an automatic chatbot, turn off notifications, and more. But, to find someone on Discord is a challenging task. Every Discord user will have a unique number and tag number, which you can use to find them. In this tutorial, we will explore the different ways to find someone on Discord without a number.

The working of the Discord app completely varies with the other chatting and social media platforms. Generally, you need to know the username and the tag number to find someone on Discord. To give you a better understanding, read the below Discord username.


In the above Discord user, MeganLeavey is the name you entered while creating the account while the hashtag is customary. Then, the four-digit number (1199) is the tag number. The tag number is automatically generated by Discord, and you can’t specify or change it.

To find someone on Discord, you need to know both the username and the tag number. If you want to find someone on Discord without the tag number, there is a way to do that. But, it is available only on smartphone apps. Update or install the latest version of Discord app from the Play Store or App Store.

Steps to Find Someone on Discord Without Number [Android & iOS]

(1) Open the Discord app on your smartphone (Android or iOS).

(2) On its home screen, tap the Hamburger icon on the top left corner of the screen.

(3) Now, click the Friends icon on the bottom of the screen.

(4) Then, click the Add Friend icon on the top right corner.

(5) By default, a search with Username and Tag will appear. Click on the Nearby Scan button.

(6) It will scan for nearby Discord users.

Note: Nearby scan uses WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ultrasonic Audio. Ensure that the WiFi and Bluetooth connections were turned on.

(7) If it asks for location, WiFi, and Bluetooth permission, click Allow.

(7) Ask your friend to go to the Nearby Scan feature. It will work only if both the Discord user is in Nearby Scan mode.

(8) Maintain a range of 30 feet or 10 meters. Above that, the feature won’t work.

(9) When a new user is detected, it will appear on both smartphones. Click the Send button to send the friend request.

Find Someone on Discord Without Number

(10) Upon accepting the request, the user will be added to your friend’s list.

It is the only way to find and add friends on Discord without the number. To find someone who is far away from you, ask their username & tag in any other communication platform and search it on the app. Do you want to share any feedback or query related to this tutorial? Use the comments section provided below.

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