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An Easy Guide To Learning How To Download Music To Your iPad

You just got yourself an iPad and you are very excited about it. You buy several apps, games, movies, and music tracks because there are certain things that the iPad cannot do without. What if your favorite movie is not available in the iTunes store? Or what if you want to download a music file from YouTube or SoundCloud but could not find any good free app on iPad for doing so? This guide will give you all the information you need to know about downloading music on your new iPad.

Convert Youtube Videos To Mp3 Free Online

YouTube has an abundant amount of music that you can use to satisfy your cravings for music. However, there are times that the sound is not clear because it was originally intended for videos. The next best thing you can do is convert these songs into mp3 files so that you’ll get the original sounds of every instrument and vocals in a particular track. As seen at, an online converter allows you to add a YouTube link and select an output format, which you think will best suit your iPad. Besides downloading Youtube videos, these sites also offer other features such as online radio, video downloader and so much more.

Download Free Music On iTunes

This is one of the best sites to download free songs and music files onto your iPad because it provides a huge collection of songs from different genres and artists. To facilitate searching for any song you want, there are categories for specific countries and music labels. You can choose to add these songs into a separate playlist or add them to your current one through the “add to” option. The downloaded files will be available in an iTunes folder that can be found in the computer’s music library section. Unlike other sites, this site gives its copy of any track you may download from their site instead of providing a link that can be accessed by anyone anytime.

Online Radio Record

You may be confused with the name of this website but once you enter its home page, you’ll see that it’s an online radio service provider that also gives free music downloads through its website. To download a song through this service, you may simply click a button located on the side of their music player widget. A pop-up box will appear asking you to enter your email address connected to Spotify. This means that this site is currently connected with one of the best music streaming services in Europe. Once you’ve given details, click on “log in” and then press “Ok” afterward. The song will automatically download onto your hard drive but it first comes as a playlist on Spotify’s homepage before it turns into an actual soundtrack.


Fetch-it has both paid and free songs for downloads depending on what you like or want. All songs are labeled according to their genres so users can choose which ones to avail of either through a pay per download system or a monthly subscription. Free songs are available but you must sign up with Fetch-it first before downloading can take place. The site also gives music apps, tutorials, guitar lessons, and other stuff so it’s worth checking out for more information about what they can offer. The best thing about this site is that it has a very responsive website that runs well even on mobile browsers, making it one of the top choices for those who browse music on their iPads.

Soundcloud Downloader

Soundcloud, despite being a music upload site, also has a good collection of songs you can download through their website. It’s kind of similar to Fetch-it but there are times when a paid subscription is not required to download free tracks from the Soundcloud site. There are two ways that users can do it: they can either manually paste in a link or choose one from the list which will be updated every hour. After you select a track, click on “Download” and then wait for a pop-up box to appear asking for your email address—this is because all downloads go through their main website instead of directly from its servers so both sites must communicate with each other about yours. Once your message is sent, click on the link that’s sent and wait for it to connect. After a few seconds, you will be redirected to your iPad.

Download Music to iPad

When choosing music to download onto your iPad, the best thing you can do is pick carefully because it may not be compatible with other devices in the future. It’s important that you only select sites that are reliable and reputable so if there are issues regarding your downloads, they will not come from the service provider but rather through their website instead. Music for iPad should always take place through legal means so do double check before signing up with any site.

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