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How to Get TBS on Samsung Smart TV

Get TBS on Samsung Smart TV and stream your favorite content.

Key Highlights

  • You can’t install TBS on Samsung Smart TV directly from the Smart Hub Store, so you can stream it using streaming devices or platforms.

Turner Broadcasting System, also known as TBS, is a popular cable TV network provider based in the United States. The platform streams content in various categories like Animation, Comedy, Drama, Reality Shows, Movies, and many more. Though TBS is directly unavailable on Samsung Smart TV, you can still stream your favorite content on TBS in alternate ways.

How to Watch TBS on Samsung Smart TV

You can easily access TBS on your Samsung Smart TV by connecting an external streaming device to the TV’s HDMI port. You can connect the streaming devices, such as Amazon Firestick, Roku, and Apple TV, to your smart TV.

[1] Connect the streaming device to the TV’s HDMI port and turn on your smart TV.

[2] Next, connect your Samsung Smart TV to the WiFi connection.

[3] Open the respective app store of the streaming device and install the TBS app.

[4] Follow the on-screen instructions and stream TBS on your TV screen.

FirestickAmazon App StoreTBS on Amazon Firestick
Apple TVApp StoreTBS on Apple TV
Roku Roku Channel StoreTBS on Roku

How to Watch TBS on Samsung Smart TV Using Streaming Services

Use streaming service to watch TBS on Samsung TV

Apart from installing the TBS app on streaming devices, you can watch TBS on the streaming services on your smart TV. To stream, you need to subscribe to their premium plans.

Sling TVSling Blue- $35/mon
Sling Orange- $35/mon
Sling Orange+ Blue- $50/mon
YouTube TV$64.99/mon
Hulu + Live TV$64.99/mon
DirecTV Stream $64.99/mon

[1] On your TV remote, press Home.

[2] Select Apps and go to Search.

 click the Magnifying glass icon

[3] Using the on-screen keyboard, type the desired streaming service name and search for it.

[4] Select Download Now to get the app on your smart TV.

[5] Sign in to the streaming service and stream the TBS content.

How to Cast TBS on Samsung Smart TV

[1] Install the TBS app on your smartphone.

[2] Launch the app and sign in to the account with the login credentials.

[3] On the top right, you can find the Cast icon. Tap on it.

Click theĀ CastĀ button.

[4] Choose your device from the available list.

[5] Choose content from the TBS app, which will be cast on your TV screen.

Note: To cast, connect your smartphone to the WiFi network to which your Samsung Smart TV is connected.

Watch TBS on Samsung TV

Also, remember that if you choose to watch TBS via a streaming service, you can only watch Live Streams on TBS, not on-demand content.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you get local channels on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes. You can easily access the local channels on Samsung Smart TV by connecting an antenna or installing streaming platforms.

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