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How to Get MXQ Pro 4K Firmware Update

A guide to get the Marshmallow firmware on your MXQ Pro 4K.

MXQ Pro 4K is a streaming device that runs on Amlogic S905 with Android 5.1 (Lollipop). The major disadvantage of the MXQ Pro is the update. There is no option or feature available to update the MXQ Pro 4K firmware. You need to connect the device to a Windows PC to update it.

The S905 is smooth and capable of easily running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Also, it can effortlessly run Nougat or Oreo. So in this tutorial, let us see how to update your MXQ Pro 4K with Marshmallow firmware.


  • Windows PC with an internet connection
  • USB to USB cable
  • USB Burning Tool

Steps to Update MXQ Pro 4K Firmware

1: On your PC, download the latest MXQ Pro Software by using the MEGA link

MEGA download

2: Download the latest version of the Amlogic USB Burning Tool on your Windows PC using the link.

3: Then, install the USB Bruning tool on your PC.

4: Now, turn off the MXQ Pro device. Press and hold the Reset button. Don’t release the reset button until the last step. Place a weighted object on the Reset button if you can’t hold it.

5: Then, connect your device to the PC using the USB port.

6: Run the USB Burning tool on your PC.

7: If done properly, your MXQ Pro 4K device will be detected and you will get the following screen.

USB Burning tool

8: Click the Import image under the File menu.

Update MXQ Pro

9: Locate the MXQ firmware file and upload it.

10: Untick the Overwrite key on the right side of the window.

Update MXQ Pro

11: Click on the Start button to update the device.

12: When the device is updated, click the Stop button.

Update MXQ Pro

13: When you finish the update, release the Reset button.

14: Then, disconnect the MXQ Pro device from your PC.

15: Connect the device to your TV. You will get the new firmware version.

Update Issues on MXQ Pro 4K

As of now, there is no standard way to update the MXQ Pro 4K. The device manufacturer has not released any updates and the device is no longer in production. The firmware we used was also taken from the GitHub repositories. So, you might have issues after updating the firmware.

WiFi Issues

A lot of users are complaining that the WiFi is not working after updating the MXQ Pro device. When you turn on the WiFi connectivity, it will automatically turn off. If you have any such issues, you need to fix them on your own. When we update the device, we haven’t faced any issues. You can also carry forward the same update process once again to fix the issue.

Bluetooth Issues

For some users, the Bluetooth feature is not working after the update. We also faced this issue. To fix the issues, you need to restart the MXQ Pro 4K device after the update. After the update, the BT issue on our device was fixed. Try restarting the device to fix the issue.

Remote Control Issues

If the remote control is not working after the update, it may be due to the dead batteries. Change the batteries on the remote and try again. If the remote is not working after changing the batteries, then the issue is with the device. Try installing the Android TV Remote Service app to control the device. You can install the app from the Play Store. If the app is not working, you need to reset the MXQ Pro 4K.

Without the USB Burning tool, you can’t update the device. You can do the update only using a Windows PC and can’t do the same on Mac PCs. Follow the above steps to easily update your MXQ Pro 4K device’s firmware. If you have any other methods to update the streaming device, tell us in the comments below.


Is it possible to update the MXQ Pro using a USB drive?

No. Though there are USB ports available on the MXQ Pro device, you can’t update the device using a USB drive. The device can’t detect the firmware in the USB drive.

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  1. I have done the above mentioned process and the firmware is updated but unforunately my wifi is not working. when i switch it on it automatically appears to be off.
    please guide

  2. Good firmware – fast and bring back to life this old tv box… BUT (yes there’s a BUT) no WIFI… no gamepad/keyboard support …

  3. SAme for me here…
    DEvice was successfully updated, but I lost Wifi, Bluetooth, remote control…
    Looks like I’m not the only one, but has anyone been able to fix it ?

  4. In the leaflet that came with the MXQ Pro it is mentionned that I should insert an SD card in the slot while the device is powered off and use a toothpick to reset it while powering the device back on. Of course, there has to be the update file on the SD card. There’s no mention of the USB burning program. What is the best solution? Seems to me it is simpler with an SD card but is it the right way to do it.

    1. yes i think your right i have been looking at YouTube videos on how to fix my mxq because it wont connect to the Wi-Fi anymore out of the blue and there was defiantly a video that evolved an sd card and getting the device in recovery mode with the tiny toothpick button then you can install from sd card in the recovery menu but I’ve not tried it so I’m not sure if it would work its worth a try i am about to try it hell i was about to ju8st throw the box away

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