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How to Log Out of Genshin Impact on PS4

Tired playing Genshin Impact on PS4? Let's log Out.

Genshin Impact game on the PlayStation console has a major disadvantage. You can’t log out of the Genshin Impact game on PS4 or PS5 directly. This is because your PlayStation account is linked with the Genshin Impact game. There is no direct option to log out or unlink your PS4 account from Genshin Impact. If you want to take a break or sign out of Genshin Impace, you need to unlink your PlayStation account from your console.

How to Log Out / Sign Out of Genshin Impact Account on PS4

Well, if you want to sign out of your account from Genshin Impact on PS4, the only way to do it is by logging out of your PSN account on the PS4 console itself.

1: Turn on your PS4 and go to Settings.

2: Select Account Management and click on Sign Out.

Sign Out o

This kind of restriction is due to the exclusive gameplay of Genshin Impact. The game developers want the players to play the game only on the PlayStation and don’t want to share the game data between devices.

How to Unlink PS4 Account From Genshin Impact

Unlinking your PSN account will remove all the Genshin Impact game progress data on the PSN and your purchase data.

1: To begin with, send a mail to [email protected] with the subject “PSN Account Unlink Request” and the content on the unlinking of the PSN account from Genshin Impact.

How to Log Out of Genshin Impact on PS4

2: You will receive an automated response after sending the mail. If you do not receive a response, try sending the same mail from another mail ID. Click on PSN Account Unlink, available at the end of the mail.

3: You will be directed to the PSN Account Unlink Page. Fill in the following details:

  • Current PSN Online ID.
  • If your PSN is already linked to your HoYoverse Account, please provide the right email address that’s linked.
  • In which location/region did you create your Genshin Impact Account.
  • Genshin Impact account creation date.
  • UID on your PS4/5 (available on the bottom right of the game screen.
  • Server region.
  • Adventure rank.
  • Purchase Receipt/Top-up number.
  • Screenshots of the purchase made.
  • Game Account Data.
  • Reasons for your PSN Unlink request.
  • Confirmation of the Unlink request.

4: Once that is done, click on the Submit option at the bottom of the page.

5: Finally, your application will be submitted successfully, and the team will contact you by email within ten working days. Also, do not fill out the form repeatedly, as it might extend the processing time and cause unwanted trouble.

Things to Consider When Unlinking PlayStation Account

As a PSN account is the only way to save your game progress in the cloud, there are some severe consequences. Before unlinking your PS account from the console, consider the below points.

  • Unlinking the PSN account will remove all the progress from the game and can’t be used on other devices.
  • If you have purchased any collectibles, rare items, or gift cards on PS, they will be deleted forever,
  • Games like Genshin Impact follow a strict account integration. Once you unlink your account, you can link the same account. But you have to start the game from scratch. All your game progress will be deleted.


How do I switch accounts on Genshin Impact PS4?

As of now, the Switch Account feature is not available on the Genshin Impact game for PlayStation consoles.

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