The 4 Types Of Gamers: Which One Are You?

During the digital revolution of the last few decades, gaming has gone from an in-person activity to a global pastime that can be conducted in many forms, alone or as a group, and from any location.  

The rapid expansion of the gaming industry has led to the creation of many different types of games – and in turn to different types of gamers. From social to competitive, video to mobile, discover which type of gamer you are and the distinctive qualities that distinguish each category.

The social gamer

Social gamers love to do just that – be social. If you find yourself using games and gaming platforms as a way to interact with others, whether virtually or in person, it’s likely you fall into this set.

Social gamers play for enjoyment and tend to be more focused on the gameplay than the outcome. Games with simple rules are most popular with this group as they require less concentration, leaving more time to chat with fellow players. Role-playing games with virtual characters often prove popular, too, as they naturally encourage conversation and collaboration. 

The mobile gamer

Do you prefer gaming on your smartphone as opposed to a computer or console? You’re a natural mobile gamer who prefers to drop in and out of solo activities as and when the moment takes you. 

For example, you might enjoy a quick game of bingo or a brain-testing puzzle, or even dip in and out of simulation games with simple graphics and quick load times that don’t require a superior SSD card.

The competitive gamer

In contrast, the competitive gamer is someone who takes play seriously. If you are highly organized with your gaming activities and enjoy challenging friends and fiendish experts to tournaments, you likely match this type.

Competitive gamers pride themselves on being the best at their chosen game and will spend many hours honing their skills and strategies and watching gameplay videos for tips and tricks. You will probably find much enjoyment in taking part in special events with other passionate gamers – keep an eye out for national and global gaming events and conventions.

The casual gamer

Casual gamers are similar to mobile gamers in their preference to dip in and out of games as and when they fancy playing. However, their range of activities may extend from smartphone apps to in-person physical games and video games. 

If you are someone who prefers to play at a leisurely pace, solo quests and open-world games are likely to be your speed. These games give you the flexibility to play as and when you like, enjoy a detailed storyline, and spend time exploring virtual worlds rather than moving through a fast-paced series of quests.

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