Top Mobile Apps for NZ Sports Fans

New Zealand boasts incredible landscapes, beautiful views, and a diverse variety of cultures that seemingly exist in harmony. The country is also home to diehard sports fans who can’t wait for the next event.

Keeping tabs on all the sporting events can be difficult for fans who want the latest updates. Thus, numerous mobile apps aim to help fans stay on top of sports news. 

If you want to keep up with the latest coverage, watch games on the move, or even place a quick bet, keep reading to discover the top mobile apps for New Zealand sports fans. 

Next Generation eSports

Sky Go

Sky Go is one of the best apps to stream the latest games and ensure you don’t miss out on any of the action. It is offered by Sky Network Television—the operator of the renowned Sky Sports.

This app links directly to your Sky account, meaning those who use Sky Open will need to purchase a subscription. Once signed in, you can access the vast content list available through the main platform. This includes series, movies, and sports.

Sky Go features a seven-day guide for upcoming programming. It allows you to live-stream current games, set reminders for upcoming matches, and remotely record programs on your Sky TV box at home. 

The app also supports downloading programming, so you can watch highlights to catch up on events you may have missed, even if you go offline. 

It is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Tribe: Live Sports Scores

For fans who may not have the time to watch streamed games, the best alternative is Tribe: Live Sports Scores. This app is one of the best resources to keep tabs on a game without watching it.

Hosting support for many sports and events, including massive tournaments like the Rugby World Cup, the app feeds live scores directly to your mobile device. These are updated in real-time as the match is happening, sending you live notifications.

The app also includes upcoming game schedules and a match-action feature, particularly useful if you want to know what’s happening in a game but can’t watch it unfold.

The match action section has a live, human-generated commentary feed listing every significant change in the game. This includes when scrums happen, if someone dunks a basket, or if a player gets too ambitious on the ice. Users of both iOS and Android can access this app.


TAB New Zealand is one of the most recognizable sportsbooks in the country. Attracting all types of gamblers, from those who frequently play at Spinpug casino down to those who only place bets on the most prominent events, TAB NZ has something for everyone.

This app supports a massive range of sporting events, pulling them from the main sportsbook in operation since 1951. On top of its long history, the app has an extensive range of features. 

Aside from betting before events, TAB NZ also offers live betting, a feature that allows you to place wagers as the action unfolds. This is provided alongside daily promotions that give bettors access to exclusive deals and offers from the bookmaker.

Beyond just betting, both the iOS and Android versions of the app provide access to the Punters Lounge. Here, you can find incredible tips and tricks on how to bet and when. It also features relevant betting content that covers several racing and sporting events. 

TuneIn Radio

If you’re a sports fan who loves to listen to the action as it happens, TuneIn Radio is the app for you. It offers no unnecessary frills and a simple way to hear the best sporting radio stations in the country. 

There is a talk radio section where you can find the latest news from the sporting world and hear the leaders’ opinions. It even allows you to set custom notifications so that you can tune into games you don’t want to miss.

Besides listening to live broadcasts from sporting authorities like Sky, Fox Sports, and ESPN, hundreds of sports podcasts are available to listen to. 

Featuring an ad-free premium version, iPhone or Android users can download the app. Those with a car and Android Auto can also enjoy full compatibility with the system.


Besides these, users can download many other smartphone applications to find the latest sporting content and enjoy live matches. 

These apps make accessing sports content more convenient and let you enjoy the game faster. Those listed above are among the best for any Kiwi who loves anything to do with sports. 

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