What is the Difference Between Modern Slots?

Each slot machine has its characteristics. Today, providers no longer copy each other’s games. Modern slots differ in mechanics, bonus system, and set of jokers.

Slot machines with different number lines

Classic slots include 20 lines. Users have the right to choose the number of positions on which the bet will be played in the next round. Modern games offer a different look at traditional mechanics.

Today, visa casino sites have several slots from the Megaways series. It means that the number of lines is fixed. More than 100,000 payout positions can be played in one round. It promises the user huge payouts and the ability to form record multipliers.

Customize Gaming Experience

Megaways technology means that a random number generator selects an arbitrary number of lines in each round. It affects the number of images as well. A different row of symbols appears on each reel. It makes the gameplay unpredictable but, at the same time, gives you much more chances to hit a big jackpot.

Slots with many lines limit the settings on the control panel. However, this makes the mechanics of the game optimal for those who cannot spend a lot of money on gambling. The user can freely register bets for minimal amounts but still get a chance for a good return on winnings.

Slots with different bonuses

Bonuses are a key feature of slot machines. There are no such options in any other gambling game. The prize functions are activated according to the algorithm of the random number generator. However, the more bonuses, the higher the probability of getting free games.

The bonus structure includes several blocks:

  • Free Spins. Today it is difficult to find a slot machine without free spins. Free spins include up to 10-50 rounds at the expense of the gambling club. The user needs to catch wild pictures or scatter symbols to get into this prize option.
  • Story rounds. Every second slot machine has a storyline. The provider offers the user to complete a quest with a character or some kind of event. Usually, the player needs to guess the closed symbols or perform several actions for a limited period.
  • Joker symbols. These pictures help to accumulate an additional multiplier. The coefficient is displayed on a special indicator or a horizontal reel in the header of the playing field. As soon as the user fills in this indicator, he will receive an additional win just like that.

Experts call the innovative features of recent years Bonus Buy. Game developers organize a virtual store inside the slot. A visitor can buy a bonus round at any convenient moment and immediately start betting in the most profitable format.

What types of wild symbols are there in slots

The prize system of the slot is based on wild pictures. These images activate bonus rounds, give additional multipliers, and can also change the structure of the playing field.

Modern slot machines include several types of jokers:

  • A map that changes other images. If the wild symbols participate in the prize combination, it will be paid according to the denominations of expensive images.
  • A card that sticks in its place. One of the positions is fixed for several rounds ahead. Now it is much easier for the player to catch winning combinations.
  • A card that stops one of the reels. The symbol expands to the full extent. It allows you to collect prize combinations much faster and win real money.

Separately, wild cards change their functions during the free spins round. The appearance of such a picture prolongs the bonus round for several more scrolls. In addition, the joker has a positive effect on the additional coefficient. For example, a user wins on a combination with a multiplier of x500. Joker helps to increase this coefficient by 2-3 times.

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