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Some gamblers prefer to enjoy playing slot machines and similar entertainment such as video poker, presented at Lucky Tiger Casino. In this unique game, which combines features of slot machines and poker, there is no direct opponent, and payments are made for collected poker combinations on the screen. However, the real advantage of Lucky Tiger Casino video poker is the ability to interact with the casino in terms of mutual equality, unlike video slots or roulette.

Lucky Tiger Casino provides several variants of video poker, differing in the number of lines, jackpot, and pay table. The principle of the game is similar, which makes understanding the rules and control available even for beginners. Video poker visually resembles slot machines, but the rules are based on poker. The top of the slot usually features a pay table with combinations and their value, while the game screen in the center contains cards for player interaction with the game.

At Lucky Tiger Casino there are a fair number of video poker variations:

  • Deuces Wild;
  • Tens or Better;
  • Deuces & Jokers;
  • Split Way Royal;
  • Jacks or Better;
  • Bonus Deuces.

To get more profit and pleasant emotions, experienced gamblers use different strategies. There are many of these available on the internet.

General rules of video poker

The general rules of video poker remain stable despite the many varieties of the game. The key points are highlighted below:

  • Betting and dealing of cards: The player bets and receives five cards displayed on the screen.
  • Game Objective. The main objective is to collect one of the poker combinations shown in the pay table.
  • Card Swapping. Up to five cards are allowed to be swapped once for free in hopes of improving the combination.
  • Payouts. If there is a combination in the cards, a payout occurs because there is no real opponent for the player.
  • Doubling Game. Usually provides an opportunity to double the accrued credits through a special round.
  • Features and variations. Some versions of video poker can include jokers, special combinations, bonus payouts, or even progressive jackpots.

The official website of Lucky Tiger Casino provides a detailed description of the rules of each individual video poker model in their range.


The lower part of the apparatus has control buttons, where there is the player’s account, the amount of the last win, and the size of the bet. Bet One increases the bet, and to put the maximum bet at once, you need to press Bet Max. After the bet level is selected, you need to press Deal to deal with the cards. Based on the rules, you can change any number of cards or only a specific one. To do this, you need to press Hold. A deck of 52 cards is used here if there are no jokers.

Video pokers with progressive jackpots

There are progressive jackpots available in certain types of video poker. The rules may vary slightly, but in most cases, playing with the maximum bet is required to participate in the drawing of this amount. Usually, to become the owner of a progressive jackpot in video poker, you need to collect the maximum combination. When playing video poker for real money, it is always important to clarify the rules of the draw. Pay attention to the minimum bet size and other details to avoid disappointment during the game.

Video pokers with bonuses

Many online gambling software developers release unique models with prize payouts, bonus draws, and other surprises. These can be different options:

  • inflated coefficients on certain combinations,
  • themed rounds;
  • free games;
  • and other features.

Sometimes manufacturers manage to amaze even our experienced reviewers with prize options. If bonuses are played on an additional bet, find out what the RTP (theoretical return) is in it. Often, video poker side bets have a very high mathematical advantage for the casino.

Video pokies in mobile casinos 

Nowadays, all major establishments give the opportunity to gamble on smartphones and tablets. Models in this format operate according to the usual rules but have a special interface adapted for touch screens. Mobile online casino Lucky Tiger offers the most popular video pokers.

How to play?

So, as soon as a winning combination falls out, at the top of the screen will be indicated the amount of the prize, which is credited to the account of this combination. All combinations are standard and do not differ from the poker ones. The more complex the combination, the higher it pays. Some types of video poker have a risk-round feature.

After winning the player will be offered to increase his prize to 2, and sometimes 4 times. To do this, you need to click on “Double”. The risk round may consist of guessing the color/mask of the card or choosing the card from the proposed card, which will be higher in value than the dealer.

If the correct answer is increased by the specified amount, if the player makes a mistake, then the bet will burn. Regardless of the type of video poker at Lucky Tiger Casino, this type of entertainment is very popular, and if the player has not yet tried his luck in such machines, it should be done. Before playing for real money, you can test video poker in demo mode, work out some strategies, as well as understand the rules.

Common mistakes in video poker

Video poker beginners often make the same mistakes when they first get to know the game:

  • Not playing at the maximum bet: The maximum bet often opens up additional lucrative opportunities, such as increased payouts or participation in a cumulative jackpot.
  • Playing intuitively without following a strategy. Some players rely on their intuition, ignoring the basic strategy recommendations that are developed by professionals, accounted for mathematically, and contribute to maximizing winnings.
  • Trying exotic varieties. Players are often enticed by bonuses in exotic variants of video poker, but these games usually have a high casino advantage.

Remember, experienced players have long since done the math for optimal decisions in various situations. For maximum results, it is important to choose the right kind of video poker and follow the recommendations of experts.

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