Watching the NFL Around the World: How to Stream Games Legally

The NFL is the world’s most valuable sporting league as it continues to generate an unprecedented sum of revenue every season due to its worldwide level of support from a variety of countries, with fans frequently tuning into all the latest NFL contests ahead of the action-packed gamedays that are featured throughout the season.

The NFL has constantly remained a factor within the sporting industry for over 75 years and has seemingly remained the US’ most vastly popular commodity for all sports fans to enjoy regularly.

There are a wide range of teams situated throughout the league that represent several recognizable cities and towns, with games often witnessing tens of thousands of fans in attendance every week.

Alongside providing fans with a variety of teams to root for, the league also showcases some of the very best athletes in the world today, as several individual star players are often able to take over games and put their team within the conversation of being a perennial threat to make a charge towards an appearance in the illustrious Superbowl game later this season.

One of the most notable names who certainly fits this criteria is the two-time Superbowl champion and league MVP Patrick Mahomes, who is widely considered the face of the NFL due to his outstanding plays and statistics frequently reflected in the latest NFL player props on DraftKings.

For any international fans interested in watching some of the many upcoming games featured throughout the season, here’s a full breakdown as to which legal services provide the best viewing and broadcasts for every NFL outing.

NFL Game Pass

After recently signing a major broadcasting deal with the worldwide streaming site DAZN, the NFL game pass is now available for viewing for all fans of any province, which, of course, includes international audiences who may be eager to catch their favorite team in action every weekend.

DAZN is a site that is supported by numerous devices and services, meaning that it is easily accessible to all viewers and is the most convenient way to watch the games for any fan, as well as being the most reliable and secure.

With a monthly subscription fee that can often depend on whether you’re interested in watching one team or the entire package of NFL coverage, which even includes the likes of Redzone, NFL Network, and postseason outings, the NFL game pass is the best option for international fans to utilize for their full viewing of any NFL contest.

No matter what time your team is expected to play or whether they’re struggling to gain results, the NFL game pass always has international fans covered and fully updated with all the latest developments of NFL gameday.



One of the most recently utilized methods for watching NFL coverage for international fans is registering for a reliable VPN that will connect to the broadcast from any country covering the game.

Several great VPN services are available to download with yearly subscription services, with the likes of NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN being the most popular and overly reliable choices for streaming US broadcasts of NFL contests.

After downloading this application and the correct services, users can then quickly choose which individual country server they wish to connect to, which will then give access to an array of channels and services that were previously unavailable in their original country of origin for the user.

VPNs are safe and secure services that can be used for various broadcasts, such as NFL streaming, a must-have option for all international fans of the US’ most distinguished sporting competition.

Local Broadcasts

If your country provides regular coverage for the NFL on their sporting channels, this could still be a great option to catch the game, even if it does not feature your team.

Some countries may even have a dedicated NFL channel, such as Sky Sports NFL for UK fans, allowing audiences to watch all primetime NFL games using their TV broadcasting subscription.

Suppose you do not have access to any other services listed above for any reason. In that case, it is often best to use the services provided by your local network of broadcasts if you’re interested in watching NFL games regularly.

Given that the NFL has continued to expand its fanfare to offshore audiences, there could still be an increased possibility of other reliable services that could be provided to fans of various NFL teams in the near future, with the growth of international NFL fandom only expected to grow with each passing season.

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