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How to Get Copyright Symbol on Keyboard [PC, Mac, Android & iOS]

Include a copyright symbol to let others identify that your work is copyright protected.

You will not be able to find all the special symbols on the keyboard as only the most used ones are included. The copyright symbol is one such rarely used symbol. It is an important symbol that isn’t available on the keyboard. Yet, you can use the Copyright symbol on the keyboard using shortcuts. Get in to learn more.

Copyright Symbol – What is it?

Copyright symbol can be recognized as a circled capital letter C (©). It is abbreviated as Copr. By using this symbol, anyone represents that the particular work is copyright protected. It is most commonly used by content creators like photographers. Anyone who wants to access such content needs to claim for the ownership credit. Although this symbol is widely recognized, most nations don’t demand using it. The copyright symbol is easily recognizable and it visually makes the viewer understand the content is copyright protected.

How to Insert Copyright Symbol on Keyboard?

The section below will help you use Copyright symbol keyboard shortcut on different devices.

On Windows PC

Check out the multiple ways in which you can insert the Copyright symbol on Windows PC (10, 8, 7 & XP).

Using Keyboard Shortcut,

The Alt code keyboard shortcut for Copyright symbol on Windows PC works with a Numeric keyboard.

  • Press and hold the Alt key and type 0169 using numeric keys to get the Copyright symbol in the required place.

Those Windows PCs without the numeric keyboard option can try the steps given below to get the Copyright symbol on Windows PC.

(1). Press Fn + Num lock key to turn on Num Lock.

(2). Locate numeric keys and if there is no number on the keys, try this way.

(M=0, J=1, K=2, L=3, U=4, I=5, O=6, 7=7, 8=8, 9=9)

(3). Press and hold Alt key and type 0169 on the numeric keys.

Note: Some desktops require users to press and hold Fn keys when you type.

(4). When you release all the keys, you will find the Copyright symbol in the required place.

Using Character Map

(1). Launch Character Map by typing in the Search bar.

Open Character Map-Copyright Symbol on Keyboard
Open Character Map

(2). Just locate and double-click Copyright symbol.

(3). When it appears on Character to copy field, click on Copy button.

Select Copyright Symbol-Copyright Symbol on Keyboard
Select Copyright Symbol

(4). Go to the desired location and press Ctrl + V to paste Copyright symbol.

Using Ribbon on Microsoft Word,

(1). Open Microsoft Word documents.

(2). Select Insert tab > Symbol.

Click on Copyright Symbol-Copyright Symbol on Keyboard
Click on Copyright Symbol

(3). Double-click on Copyright symbol.

(4). When it is inserted, just select and copy it to paste it in any other place.

On Mac PC

Mac users can either use a Copyright symbol keyboard shortcut or make use of the Character Viewer tool.

Using Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard Shortcut for Copyright Symbol Mac is

  • Press down and hold the Option key and press g key to get Copyright symbol on macOS.

Using Character Viewer tool,

(1). Navigate to Finder menu and select Edit tab.

(2). Select Emoji & Symbols.

Note: Press Control + Command + Space to get Emoji & Symbols.

(3). From the left panel, choose Letterlike Symbols option.

(4). Just right-click the copyright symbol and select the Copy Character Info option.

(5). Now clipboard will get Copyright Symbol. Paste it on anywhere you want.

On Android

Android users have to open any app that supports the keyboard and carry out the steps below to get the Copyright icon.

(1). Open any app that has a keyboard or any installed keyboard app for Android. For instance, Messages.

(2). Click on the text message section and click on ?123 key on the keyboard

(3). Now, press +\< to go the secondary symbol section and click on Copyright symbol.

(4). When the Copyright symbol on the text message field appears, select and copy it. Go to the desired location to paste it.

On iOS

(1). Open the iMessage app and click on the text message field.

(2). On the keyboard, click on the Smiley symbol.

(3). Click on the icon that looks like a musical note and percentage sign.

(4). Select the Copyright symbol to type it.

(5). To use it in any other place, you can select and copy it on the clipboard.


Using the Copyright symbol on the Keyboard of any device is that simple and easy. All you need is to spare your one minute of time and it is done. Comment below if you know any other simple ways to get the copyright symbol. To know more such articles, you can follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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