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How to Add and Stream DAZN on Roku

Subscribe to DAZN service and stream all your favorite live sporting events on Roku connected TV.

DAZN is one of the OTT platforms that is designed for sports lovers. It offers you both live and on-demand sports content. It is a one-stop app that features various sporting events like NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, F1, MMA, etc., based on subscription. The subscription costs $19.99/month and $99.99/year. You can’t watch media content without a subscription. While signing up for the first time, you can get one month free trial. In terms of Roku, you can install the DAZN app from the Roku Channel Store and sign in to your account to stream its contents.

How to Install DAZN on Roku

1) Set up your Roku device to the HDMI port of your TV.

2) Connect your Roku device to the internet.

3) On the Roku home screen, select the Streaming Channels option. You are now on the Roku Channel Store.

Roku Home Screen

4) Click on the Search Channels option.

Roku Search

5) On the search bar, type DAZN and choose the app from the search results.

Search DAZN on Roku

6) Click on the Add channel on the app installation screen.

Add DAZN on Roku

7) DAZN app will install on your Roku device.

Alternative Way

There is another way to install DAZN on Roku.

1) Open a web browser and visit Make sure to log in with the account you use to set up Roku.

2) On the Search Channel bar, type and search for DAZN.

3) Choose the app from the search results.

4) Click on the Add channel option and add it to your device.

Add DAZN to Roku

5) Now, launch your Roku device, and the newly added channel will appear under the channels section.

Steps Stream DAZN on Roku

Regardless of the downloading method, you have to configure DAZN login credentials to stream the content.

1) Make sure to create a DAZN account before installing the DAZN app.

2) Launch the DAZN app on your Roku, and choose the Sign-in option on the welcome screen.

3) Enter your login credentials (username & password) and start streaming your live and on-demand sports videos.

DAZN Not Working on Roku

Sometimes the DAZN app may not work on your Roku device due to various reasons. In such cases, you can troubleshoot those issues by simply following solutions.

  • App-related issues: Close the app and open it once again. Make sure that you have signed in to the correct account. Then check whether there is an update available for the Roku. If so, then update the Roku device immediately. Uninstall the DAZN app and then reinstall it. In rare cases, the app’s server may be down or might not respond, so wait until it comes back normal.
  • Network-related issues: Sometimes, the problem may be with the network connection. Make sure to reduce the network traffic by disconnecting unwanted devices or adjust the router position/device to get a better signal.
  • Device-related issues: When you had an issue with your Roku device, fix it by clearing up the app cache or restart the Roku device. If that doesn’t work, try for a factory reset.

We have summarized all the possibilities to stream DAZN on Roku. Still, got any questions? Don’t worry. Post it in the comments section, and we will help you to fix it. Follow Techowns’ Facebook and Twitter guides to read our Roku tutorials instantly.

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