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Can You Get a Free Trial on FloSports?

As free trial is not availbe on FloSports, get 20% discount on the subscription.

Key Highlights

  • Unfortunately, there is no free trial available in the FloSports app.
  • However, you can buy the FloSports premium subscription with a 20% discount.

FloSports is a subscription-based streaming service that primarily focuses on sports content. With the FloSports subscription, you will get live matches from more than 25 sports events. As of now, FloSports is not offering any free trial or money-back policies. You need to buy a subscription to stream the sports matches. However, you can get discounts and reduce your subscription fee. Let’s see how to buy a FloSports subscription with a discount.

Subscription Plans in FloSports

FloSports offers two different subscription plans to users. Unlike other streaming services, you can choose and stream a particular sport.

  • Monthly – $29.99 per month
  • Annual – $150 per year (12.49 per month)

As you can see, you will get almost a 50% discount when you subscribe to their yearly plan. We suggest you go for the annual plan rather than renewing the plan on a monthly basis.

FloSports Premium Features

  • By subscribing to the premium plan, you can stream and watch unlimited events.
  • Unlike other sports streaming services, you can also get the chance to watch BTS (Behind The Scenes) and interviews.
  • You can stream and watch in High Definition (HD) quality.
  • Get access to watch the news, results, and even the highlights.
  • Flosports is available on devices like Fire TV, Roku, Vizio Smart TV, Apple TV, iOS, Android, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Chromecast.

Did you know, FloSports has a special website called FloFootball just for its Football Fans? Similarly, FloSports has a dedicated website for all 25+ sports.

Steps to Get FloSports Subscription

FloSports is offering a 20% discount to their existing users if they are about to cancel their subscriptions. But this discount is not available for everyone. We got the discount completely on a random basis. Try this and get a discount if you are lucky.

1. Open a browser on your smartphone/computer, and visit the FloSports website (

2. Click the Join Now button.

FloSports free trial

3. You will get the list of sports available on the FloSports platform. Choose the sports that you want. (The subscription price is the same for all the sports).

Choose your FloSport

4. Next, enter your Email ID and click Join Now. Even you can create the account by linking your Facebook account. To link, click Continue with Facebook.

Flosports account sign in

5. Verify your email address by clicking on Confirm Email.

confirming Flosports email

6. Choose a Subscription plan that suits you and click Next on the top.

Choose a Subscription Plan

7. In the final step, enter your credit card information and click the Start Watching button.

Method to Get Flosports Free Trial

8. Once the payment is completed, your subscription will be activated.

How to Get a Discount on FloSports Subscription

Here comes the tricky part. There are no criteria or rules by which you can get the discount. How we got the discount is that we used the monthly subscription for more than 20 days. Then, we tried canceling the subscription and got the discount. You can do the same to get the discount.

1. Use the FloSports premium for more than 20 days (for the monthly plan) or more than two months (for the yearly plan).

2. Go to the FloSports website and click the Profile icon.

3. Tap Account from the drop-down.

4. Under Account, click on SubscriptionManage.

To Cancel Flosports Free Trial

5. Now, under the Subscription details, click Cancel My subscription.

6. Choose the reason for your cancellation and click Yes, I’m Sure.

7. Now, you will get an image similar to the one mentioned below. Click the Claim Offer button to get the 20% discount.

Claim 20% off on FloSports instead of free trial

8. Then, make the payment for the next cycle with the discounted price and access the FloSports premium.

9. If you don’t get the 20% discount offer, try canceling the subscription after a day or two.

If you are in dire need of streaming your favorite sports event, get the 20% off on FloSports instead of trying to get the impossible free trial.

Tips! Apart from FloSports, you can also try downloading some of the best sports streaming apps on Android smartphones to get a better experience and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does FloRugby cost per month?

FloRugby costs $29.99 per month or $150 per year. All the 25+ sports available in the FloSports cost the same.

Is the free trial available for FloHoops?

No, none of the 25+ sports from FloSports, like FloHoops, FloTrack, or FloFootball, can be streamed for free. You need to buy the subscription.

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