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How to Bypass Mega Download Limit [4 Ways]

Simple ways to increase the daily Download limit of Mega.

Recently, storage drive has become a concern to the users as the file size has gone bigger due to enhanced output quality. Mega is one of the best cloud storage and file hosting service providers, similar to Google Drive. But, the major drawback of Mega is it comes with a restriction that allows the user to download or transfer a limit of 5GB of data per day. If the user needs to download files of more than 5GB, they have to wait till the next day to complete the process. To avoid this issue, the user has to purchase a monthly subscription plan which would be unnecessary for an inactive user. So let us discuss the possible methods to bypass the Mega download limit and utilize it in a better way.

Initially, the Mega shows a pop-up as a limited available transfer quota. But, it can be proceeded further by clicking on the continue download option. When the download limit is over “transfer quota exceeded” screen pops up, and users will not be able to download further.


Methods to Bypass Mega Download Limit

There are several loopholes for the users to avoid purchasing the subscription but utilize the Mega Drive efficiently. Some of the working methodology used to bypass the Mega drive and increase the daily limit are as follows.

Method 1: Using VPN Service

The Mega Drive uses the IP address to track the user and the storage utilized by the user. Once the limit exceeds, it makes the user wait for 2 hours initially. But the wait time keeps increasing further. So to bypass Mega Drive, the simplest method would be using a good VPN service. It masks the actual IP address and provides an alternative address so the users can bypass the download limit.

Method 2: Cloud WARP

It is not a permanent solution where the user can bypass the limit, but it can be used once and would be helpful for inactive users who need to download files for 10GB. WARP acts as a VPN and helps the user browse the internet privately. But with WARP by Cloudflare, the user can bypass the limit only once as it does not switch locations like a VPN.

Bypass the download limit with Cloud WARP

Method 3: Using MegaBasterd Mega Downloader

1. Download and install the latest version of Java for Windows and download the Zip file of MegaBasterd.

2. Once the download is complete, extract the Zip files.

Mega Downloader

3. In the extracted files, there will be a folder named MegaBasterdWINDOWS. Now, click on the MegaBasterd batch file and run it as administrator.

4. Before the Mega downloader opens, a screen will pop up to create an API key.

Bypass Mega Download Limit

5. Click on the “No” option and select the “Edit” option in the File menu.

Bypass Mega Download Limit

6. Click on the “Settings” tab and then choose the “Change it” option.

7. Scroll down the options to click on the “Use Proxy Setting” option and enable it.

Use Proxy Settings

8. The user can get the proxy details on any free proxy listed site and can be used to bypass the daily download limit.

9. Enter the chosen proxy link in the SmartProxy section.

10. Click on the save button and close the settings window.

11. Now, copy the Mega file URL that the user needs to download.

12. Paste the Mega file link in the link grabber and click on the “Let’s Dance” button.

Download the file

13. The user can choose the file that needs to be downloaded and click on the “Let’s Dance” again.

14. The file starts getting downloaded with the help of SmartProxy settings.

Bypass Mega Download Limit

Method 4: By Using JDownloader

This downloader is to download Mega files directly. Here is how to do it.

1. Download and install JDownloader from the website.

Download JDownloader

2. This downloader is available for all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

3. For this method, the user needs some proxies too.

4. Copy the file’s URL and paste it into the “Connection Manager” tab.

5. Some settings need to be altered for a smooth file download.

6. For Windows or Mac, open the JDownloader and click on the “settings or preferences” option. Now, select the “Connection Manager” option. Also, set the “Max chunks per Downloads” value as 20 and the “Max Simultaneous Download” value as 5.

Bypass Mega Download Limit

At the time of download, check the proxies and remove them when they are flagged red. If an error message stating “Bandwith exceeded” appears, remove and add the new proxies. These are some of the most common methods to bypass the download limit. For an active user, it is always better to purchase the plan with a monthly subscription for better usage.

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